Ossakanadian Transitional Republic

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Ossakanada 3
Martian Claims
Devon Island, Northern Canada, Lomonosov, Mars
Official language(s) Domanglianese, British English, Burklandi
Official religion(s) Anglican, other
Short name Ossakanada
Demonym Ossakanadian
Government Temporary dictatorship
- President Urokah Pikollosserki
Established As Sivilate of Ossakanada (in Ossavakia)
6th May 2012
Independence from Ossavakia
24th June 2012
Area claimed 410.21km² (Devon Islander territory), Martian territory's area yet to be discovered
Population 5 (Human)
This is a member-state of the UCETL and is in personal union with Domanglia.

Ossakanada, officially the Ossakanadian Transitional Republic is an independent nation located in Devon Island, Canada and Northern Mars. It is unrecognised by the United Nations and Vatican City State, among others. It was established by Urokah Pikollosserki, the person who founded the Republic of Domroom in 2009 and Domanglia in 2011.


Because Ossakanada was originally a federated state within the Ossavak Federation, and was the only part of Ossavakia to be located in Canada, it was named Ossakanada by its founder, Urokah Pikollosserki. It is known as a transitional republic because it is in the middle of a transition into the first Dossiarian republic.


The Ossakanadian Transitional Republic is a dictatorship, due to the lack of citizens. The President is head of both government and state, and is the sole ruler of the nation. However, the dictatorial government will end when the transition is over and Ossakanada becomes a Dossiarian republic.



The location of Ossakanada's original territory on Devon Island, bordering the Burklandi Republic of Northern Canada.

A small amount of Ossakanada's territory is located in Devon Island in North America. It borders the Burklandi Republic of Northern Canada. Devon Island is cold and snowy. Ossakanada, as a signatory of the Treaty of Planasia claimed the Lomonosov Crater on Mars. Lomonosov has a diameter close to 150 km, and is located in Mars' Northern Plains, north of the planet's equator. Since it is large and found close (65.9° north) to the boundary between the Mare Acidalium quadrangle and the Mare Boreum quadrangle, it is found on both maps. The topography is smooth and young in this area, hence Lomonosov is easy to spot on large maps of Mars.

A picture of Lomonosov Crater on Mars, the space claim of Ossakanada.


Pearson Pennant

The flag of the Sivilate of Ossakanada- the Pearson Pennant.

Ossakanada was originally part of the Burklandi Republic of Northern Canada (the sucessor of the Northern Canadian Sentient Crannist Sivilate, a successor in itself of the Northern Canadian Commonwealth). After the Burklandi Republic of Northern Canada declared independence from the Ossavak Federation, Ossavakia didn't recognise its independence until the 6th May 2012 when it gave a small part of its territory of Devon Island to Ossavakia. Supreme Brotherly Protector Urokah Pikollosserki of Ossavakia made this land into the Sivilate of Ossakanada, with himself as Sivilor (the leader). When Ossavakia dissolved on the 24th June 2012, the Sivilate of Ossakanada gained independence as the Ossakanadian Transitional Republic with Urokah Pikollosserki as President. On the 24th August 2012, being a member-state of the Union for the Claims of Extra-Terrestrial Land since the 4th August, Ossakanada officially claimed Lomonosov, a crater on Mars, and it was Ossakanada's first space claim. As it is a transitional republic, it will soon finish its transition into the world's first Dossiarian republic.

Foreign Affairs

Although Ossakanada is unrecognised by the United Nations, it still has foreign relations with other nations.

Nations Ossakanada recognises that do not recognise or have diplomacy with Ossakanada

UNAll nations that are members of the United Nations excluding Somalia
Vatican FlagVatican City State
South OssetiaRepublic of South Ossetia
Flag of SomalilandRepublic of Somaliland

Nations Ossakanada has mutual recognition and diplomacy with

Flag of the Burklandi Republic of Northern CanadaBurklandi Republic of Northern Canada
UCETLOther member-states of the UCETL

The country that Ossakanada is in personal union with

Flag of Domanglian KingdomKingdom of Domanglia