Oyaeiwoyeaywayyeeoiya, (pronounced "oya eywoy eyah yooAHH EYY oh EE-ah") is a nation which only claims territories less than one square meter in area. It is ruled by Their Majesty Billary Trunders, with Them having the absolute power over everything, and all that just because Their Majesty estabilished two new provinces and rightfully proclaimed Themself as a King.


  1. No province may be greater in land area than one square meter.
  2. All citizens are automatically loyal to Their Majesty.
  3. Their majesty holds absolute power. They can make laws, repeal laws, give commands, ignore commands, nullify orders, and everything else.
  4. Billary Trunders is Their Majesty, absolute monarch and currently the eternal head of state.
  5. Th


To become a citizen, just ask Their Majesty and that's all there is to it! Oh yeah: it can't be any larger than one square meter in area.


An 1 m3 cube of water at the center of the Bermuda triangle 1.002374859372 meters below sea level. (Description and province's name the same time) King Billary Trunders


All the Co2 molecules that escaped from the latest Vichy bottle Billary Trunders opened. (Province's name and description the same time) King Billary Trunders

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