Petren Kongadom

"Kontrol und Uniformizaci in der payy dø Inteligenz."
O Magnificum Pater
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Capital city Pëtren
Largest city Pëtren
Official language(s) Petryon
Demonym Petryonyan
Government Constitutional Republic
- Vice-President Ricardo Lopes
- President Pedro Silva
Legislature Parliament
Established October 14, 2012‎
Population 47
Currency Krona
Time zone UTC+1

The Petren Kingdom was founded on the 20th July 2012, and the Republic was founded on the 14th October 2012.


The term Petren comes from the Latin word Pater, which means father. This term was used by the habitants which interpret the country as the father of the society.

The cantonsEdit

Pëtren is the capital of this micronation.

It is the biggest canton in the Pëtren Republic as well.

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