PaLsia is a micro-nation located in spots around Gloucestershire, UK. The micro-nation is located in areas all over

Gloucestershire and are not connected to each other.

The Flag has Red representing LapisArmy and Grey Representing Non LapisArmy. The Cross going through the flag means the two group working together to create something new. PaLsia = People and LapisArmy society.

PaLsia's YouTube: [1]

PaLsia's Twitter: [2]


PaLsia was founded on June 1st, 2017. It was founded by Smae and An.

It was first thought on a Minecraft faction server when the faction PaLsia was created. A banner was then designed which would soon be a earlier version of the PaLs flag. That idea was abandoned though and replaced with the red, white and black design currently used to this day.

The people of PaLsia decided communism is the way to go as Smae thinks equality is a high priority.

PaLs/PaLsia evolved from LapisArmy a small group of 6 people to a group of 24 ish. PaLs stands for People and LapisArmy which explains the capital L in our name.

On June the 14th the three higher class members published their essay on why An should be unbanned from a server.
Name Flag Year
Republic of PaLsia
PaLs Flags
May 2017

Minecraft Banner is still used to this day

Flag of Iceland.svg
PaLs Flag


PaLsia's Governor isn't elected unless the current one is dead or has resigned. Smae's has been governing PaLsia since June 1st 2017 and is still governing today. Smae decides if a law is passed or not, accepts things and ext. Palsia has been a communist nation since June 1st 2017 and will be until national issues.

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