The PaLsian Federation
PaLs Flag2
Coats of Arms

Peace stands strong.
Stamp on the Ground
Capital city Qbec
Largest city Qbec
Official language(s) English,PaLsian
Official religion(s) none
Demonym PaLsian
Government Capitalist Federation
- Central Government Sam Marsden
Established 1st June 2017
Population 107 (Members of Discord)
Currency £ great british pound
Time zone GMT
National sport Swimming
National dish Cereal
National drink OJ
National animal Cats

PaLsia is a micro-nation that claims to own the county of Gloucestershire and The Malverns.

The Flag has Blue representing LapisArmy and Grey Representing Non LapisArmy. The Cross going through the flag means the two group working together to create something new. PaLsia = People and LapisArmy society.

PaLsia's YouTube: [1]PaLs!

PaLsia's Twitter: [2]OfficialPaLs!

PaLsia Also has a national Minecraft Server! This server is for citizens of PaLsia to build or play survival with others.


PaLsia was founded on June 1st, 2017 by Smae (Sam Marsden).

It was first thought on a Minecraft faction server when the faction PaLsia was created. A banner was then designed which would soon become a early version of the PaLs flag. That idea was abandoned though and replaced with the red, white and Grey design currently used by PaLsia until 15/11/17.

The people of PaLsia decided communism is the way to go as Smae thought equality is a high priority.

PaLs/PaLsia evolved from LapisArmy a small group of 6 people to a group of 24 ish. PaLs stands for People and LapisArmy which explains the capital L in our name.

2017 Historical events

On June the 14th the three higher class members published their essay on why An should be unbanned from a server.

On October 31st 2017 The PaLsian government held an election to see which party people preferred. on the 1st of November the election was closed and the Communist Party won. But a week later the government became unstable as the Premier kept on leaving and rejoining. Because of this the Fascist started to revolt against the government to try and take control of PaLsia, but on 15/11/17 the government changed and fixed PaLsia and turned it into a Capitalist Federation. They decided to change the flag to Blue, White and Grey. They also formed a team of central government and gave people the role of government of states.

2018 Historical events

On January 11th 2018, The PaLsian Government started planning a way to take control of the lower class citizens as they have cause conflict the days before. This plan would later on be executed as Order 66 on the 15th of January. Afterwards, all the argumentative citizens were put in prison for around 2 weeks and later released knowing not to cause conflict between other citizens.

On March 5th 2018, The PaLsian current leader discussed with other government members about an election system being implemented into PaLsia again, the vote went through and was decide that the election would be held on the 1st of April 2018. The election ended April 2nd 2018, the results were, Imperial Party with 5 votes, The Bots Party with 4 votes DFP, Defence Party, Communist Party and BBP all with 1 vote, and PIP with 0. It was later Discovered that the Imperial Party was being ruled by a spy of Smae's and ended up becoming under control of smae again.


Name Flag Date Created
Republic of PaLsia
PaLs Flags
May 2017

Minecraft Banner is still used to this day

PaLs Flag
The PaLsian Federation
PaLs Flag2
The State of Qbyte
PaLsian state of Qbyte
Western Qbec (Forest of Dean)
Qbec (Gloucester)
PaLsian state of Qbec
Northern Qbec (Cheltenham)
PaLsian state of Northern Qbec
The State of Tewkesbury
PaLsian state of Tewkesbury
The Cotsword
The State of Stroud
The State of CHFA
The State of Malvern
PaLsian state of Malvern
PaLsLand Republic
PaLsLand Republic
Iceland Resort
PaLsia Sealand


PaLsia's Governor isn't elected unless the current one is dead or has resigned. Smae has been governing PaLsia since June 1st 2017 and is still governing today. Smae decides if a law is passed or not, accepts things and ext. Palsia was a communist nation until 15/11/17 where the government collapsed for around a week. Since then it has been a Capitalist Federation.

The PaLsian Federations Central Government are the Leaders of the PaLsian Union, which is a group of PaLsian Allies or PaLsian autonomous areas meet up and discuss (like the EU).

In order to have a functional party in the PaLsian Federation the party must have, a name, Political Method, A logo or flag, a reason to why people should vote for you, and a Leader and Vice Leader of the party. The PaLsian Federation decided to ban fascism and that low class citizens could join a party, if they desire, but not make one as it would cause a lot of hassle towards the government of PaLsia.


Party Name Party Leader Flag/Logo Official Colour
Democratic Federation Party (DFC) Smae (Sam Marsden)
The Bots Party Zethos
The Bots Party
The Defence Party BurnedBonfire
Party of Defence
The Imperial Party Nicky Croppin
Imperial Flag-0
The Communist Party Tiedren
PaLs Flag
Maroon Red
The PaLsian Independence Party (PIP) W'aaaaaaaaaaaahhh
PaLsian Independence
BoxBot Party (BBP) Logan
Lightish Blue


People are awarded ranks based on their jobs,citizen type,government type, and Role in the Military .

Rank Name Rank Logo Date Created


PaLsia dreams and plans to take over the county of Gloucestershire and the Malvern Hills District in England, UK


Map of the states.

There is a total of 9 states in PaLsia those being:

  • The State of Qbyte
  • Western Qbec (Forest of Dean)
  • Qbec
  • Northern Qbec (Cheltenham)
  • The State of Tewkesbury
  • The Cotsworld
  • The State of Stroud
  • The State of CHFA
  • The State of Malvern

PaLsia also has Overseas territories/States (on their minecraft server)

These currently being:

  • PaLsLand Republic
  • Iceland Resort
  • PaLsia Sealand
  • UPSR (Union PaLsian Socialist Republic)


States that recognise PaLsia

The PaLsian Federation is currently recognised by:

States that PaLsia recognise

PaLsia recognises all UN Member states and its observer states. It also recognises the following states: