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Pacifica and Leifland, Officially the United Provinces of Pacfica and Leifland is a Constitutional Republic bordering the USA. The Capital is Baldinia.

Political Parties

There are 10 Federal Parties and 1 Provincial Party in Pacifica and Leifland. The Ten Political Parties are the US Republican, Conservative, US Democrat, Democrat, Liberal, Democratic Socialist, Socialist, Socio-Communist, Communist, and Anarcho-Communist. The 1 Provincial Party is the Leifland Independence Party.


The Currency of Pacifica & Leifland is the Bogna. One US Dollar is equal to 3.5 Bognas.


There are 3 Provinces of Pacifica and Leifland. First, the obvious Pacifica in the south and Leifland in the north. In the west there is Kyia. Leifland has the Leifland Independece Party (LIP).

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