Kingdom of Pakulistan

National emblem

Za wolność naszą i waszą
Capital city Dominia
Largest city Stodolia
Demonym Pakulski
Government Monarchy
Established 2018.05.26
Area claimed 12 562,70 m²
Population 2
Currency Polish Złoty (PLN)
Time zone UTC+01:00
National dish Tomato soup
National animal Cat

Kingdom of Pakulistan (Pol. Królestwo Pakulistanu) is micronation surrounded by Republic of Poland. The nation was originally created on May 26, 2018.

Monarch is most important person in country, but when he's abroad, his role is taken over by the regent. For most of the year, the king lives outside of the country.


Name "Pakulistan" means "State of Pakulski", and originally come from surname of regent. Pakulski is also a demonym.



Map with flag on it

Kingdom of Pakulistan began to exist when its king was bored and he came up with the idea of creating a micronation. He decided that his territory will be a plot of his grandparents and the same day he gave his grandmother the position of regent.

The only "wars" in history of Pakulstan were while making borders. "The western war" was when the kingdom gained part of the plot next to it and other "The fence war" was when they tried to appropriate the area behind the eastern fence, but the plan failed.

Blokovia Civil War

On May 27, 2018Principality of Blokovia declared war with Pakulistan. Day after Blokovia's soldiers landed in northern part of Pakulistan. This caused a five-minute battle of Podwórko, which the separatist army won. They quickly took up the whole Podwórko opening the way to the capital. The war ended on June 1. Pakulistan was dissolved, becoming somewhat of the territory of Blokovia known from now as Principality of Sypialnia. The king of Pakulistan appointed himself the First Prince of Sypialnia.

At July 2 kingdom ceased to exist by decision of the First Prince of Sypialnia.


Kingdom of Pakulistan is mostly flat. On its north-east it has some buildings cities, like capital Dominia. It has one tiny river, one field and a meadow with some trees. In the north and south it borders with two roads, while in the east and west with other plots.