Municipality of Palazzo
—  Municipality and Capital of Nedland  —
Nickname(s): A Tiny Apartment
Motto: We Don't Care
Country Flag of Nedland - 3 DSFR Nedland
Republic Flag of the Nedlandic Autonomous Republic Nedlandic Autonomous Republic
Subcultural Republic Flag of Arlington SCR Arlington
Founded 29 April 2015
 - Mayor Ned Greiner
 - Provincial President Ned Greiner
 - Total 3
 - Density
 - Urban density
 - Rural density
 - Metro density
 -  Density
 -  Density
Demonym Palazzian
Location 3KM south of Washington

Palazzo is a municipality and the capital of Nedland and one of its largest cities. It has the highest population of actual Nedlandic citizens than any other municipality in Nedland.

Palazzo is divided up into five areas - Media City, Kitchen City, Bedberg, Bathroomia and The Imperial Room, which holds the seat and living quarters of the current President of Nedland.

By area, it is the smallest municipality of Nedland.

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