Pan Illyrian Movement

Illyria, Kosovo, Podgorica and Germany
Capital city Priština
Official language(s) Albanian, Serbian
- Militant Leader Gindo
- Leader Gjergj Krasniqi
Established June 20, 2013
Population 12
Currency Euro

The Pan Illyrian Movement or the PIM is an independence movement based in the Balkans.

Founded on June 20, 2013 by a Serbian-Albanian Kosovar it claims land in Kosovo, Illyria, Podgorica and a small area in Germany.

Unlike Tarlova, the Pan Illyrian Movement supports freedom and equality, fights xenophobia and racism.

The PIM is famous for its Janissary army (Albanian: Jeniçer), a group of elite soldiers who have been crucial in many confrontations with the Tarlovan government.

In October Armistice was signed. None the less in November a conflict started again when Goran of Tarlov insulted Gindo's sister. The Illyrian Government is planning to respond to this aggression.

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