Parfait Principality

'May Good Karma Be With Us'

Capital City: (TBA)
Largest City: (TBA)
National Anthem: (TBA)

1 Square Inch

Official Languages:


Parfaitian (Proposed)

Demonym: Parfaitic, Parfiatian

Absolute Monarchy

Prince & Head of State:


20th December 2015 - Present

Official Citizens: 1

Physical: Parfaitian Dram

Cryptocurrency: Parfaiticoin

Religion: Aithesm

Parfait or Parfait Principality is a country founded on 19th December 2015 after the dissolution of the Principality's predecessor (The Great Principality of Mallowynne ) by its leader on the same day.


Parfait was founded on 19th December 2015 after the dissolution of Mallowynne on the same day. Parfait was left with Mallowynne's remains from culture to land mass.

Mallowynne Era - 2015

Mallowynne was founded on the 2nd January 2015, lasting 11 months and 2 weeks before dissolving and becoming the Parfait Principality.

Mallowynne had accomplished a couple of things through its existance including from simple things like creating flags and coat of arms, postage stamps and passports to more complicated things like negotiating land and talking with other micronationalists.

Parfait Era - 2015 - Present

Parfait was to fix the damages the dissolution of Mallowynne caused. The damages have already been fixed plus a new identity of the country would be included (new flags, new coat of arms etc.)


Parfait is an absolute monarchy ruled by former Mallowynnian Head of State (Justin Kampowski). The Prince wanted an absolute monarchy to justify the law without having to make many law books etc.


Parfait only has 1 resident (Prince Justin) and is opening up to more citizens. ===Gender=== Parfait's population is 100% male.


Parfait is 100% European


Certain religions are strictly prohibited to worship in Parfait, making the population 100% Aithesm.


Parfait's population can speak 100% English due to the Principality's other language Parfiatian being at its development stage.


All Parfaitians can read and write, making the country one of the few nations to have a 100% literacy rate.


Parfait's territorial land is officially 1 square inch located in Eastern Alaska. The land was officially purchased by during the Mallowynne era. The Principality has other ambitious plans to purchase property from other places including cheap houses to one acre of the Moon and/or Mars, which should occur in January to March of 2016. Other ambitious plans include building a platform 25 miles away from the coast of any country (Most Likely Australia). 

Foreign Relations

There are no relations of Parfait and other countries at the moment. but Parfait will try to introduce diplomatic relations with other micronations and UN members ASAP.


Parfait has a very tiny economy with its GDP at around USD$40 at the Principality's foundation on December 19th 2015.


In the Mallowynne Era, the official currency hasn't been rolled out and was going to be pegged with two currencies (first country to do so). In the meantime, the Australian Dollar was going to be used as Mallowynne's de-facto currency alongside Bitcoin as Mallowynne's Official Cryptocurrency.

Parfaitian Dram (PDr)

The Parfaitian Dram is the Official (Physical) Currency of the Parfait Principality, the Parfait Dram (unlike other currencies) don't have decimal units (e.g. 1Dr = 0.01c).

On 20 December 2015, members of the 'Micronations and Alternative Polities' Facebook group voted for a currency for the Dram to be pegged to. (Originally 3 choices) There were upp to 10 choices were added to the poll (mostly from members of the group). Votes were from currencies such as the Euro and the United States Dollar to the Australian Dollar and Norwegian Krone. Some were added from a 'Kilogram of Dark Chocolate' to 'The Tears of a Tibetan Yak.'

30 People in the group voted, 8 people (27%) voted in favor of the Euro with the runner up being the Australian Dollar with 7 people (23%).

After the poll, the Dram is officially pegged with the Euro at an exchange rate of PDr120 - €1.

Parfaiticoin (PF฿)

The Parfaiticoin is the Official Cryptocurrency of the Parfait Principality, the cryptocurrency will be pegged to Bitcoin   (1฿ - 1PF฿), The Parfaiticoin is currently under development.

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