The Parkway System of Klaise is a 4 lane ATV trail system that serves the cities and the countryside. There are 5 parkways and 5 auxillary routes. The road signs are in the Klaise language.



map of klaise


  1. Parkway 1, Connects Monomew, Ausshaffen, McKow and Ichobodopolis
  2. Parkway 2: Bypasses McKow to Parkway 3.
  3. Parkway 3. Connects the Nothwest Boarder, Dertyr and Monomew. (LONGEST PARKWAY)
  4. Parkway 4, Bypasses Tigress City to Ausshaffen.
  5. Parkway 5: Connects Dertyr to Ichabodopolis.

Auxilary Routes

  • Parkway 203: Connects Georgia Bourough to Binx Bourough, Monomew.
  • Parkway 401: Loops around Monomew.
  • Parkway 201: Spur route to airport in Ichabodopolis.
  • Parkway 205: Bypass around Dertyr.
  • Parkway 204: Serves as a manditory traffic artery for Ausshaffen.


  • Heaviest Travled: Parkway 203: Monomew.
  • Least Travled: Parkway 5: Smokia.
  • Oldest: Parkway 1. 1999.


  • Parkways 3 and 1 are the buisiest parkways due to the routes going straight through Klaise.

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