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The Parliament of Narentia was divided into two chambers:

  • The bicameral Narentian parliament is composed of the Federal Assembly (Federalne zhromaždenie- Федералне Зхромаждење) and the Sabor (Сабор).
  • The Sabor holds most power. It has 10 seats and deals with most questions.
  • The Federal Assembly is more a control organ. It has power to declare war and accept a new federal subject.

The first parliamentary elections were held in June 2013.The next elections are to be held on the 1st March 2014.


According to the May Constiutution, the number of seats in the Sabor was reduced to 10. The elections were held in June 2013 . List of Sabor members:

  1. Marek Tomanić (NDI)
  2. Goran Kovač (NDI)
  3. Ante Kolač (NDI)
  4. Marek Tomanić (NDI)  Vojislav Markovič (NPP)
  5. <strike>Goran Kovač (NDI) Mirko Srnkč (FP)
  6. Marek Tvrtković (LP)
  7. Zoran Tvrtković(LP)
  8. Lžidimitrij Ivanović (KP)
  9. Milan Lasavski (KP)
  10. Vitomir Petrovič (NDZ)

After the March 2014 Narentian election:

  1. Mirko Źeljić, Novomostje (KS)
  2. Jan Hučar, Novigrad (KS)
  3. Veleslav Posavinović,Novomostje (KS)
  4. Sebastian Pitić, Lasvare (KS)
  5. Marek Tomanić, Staroselo (NDI)
  6. Marek Tvrtković, Lasvare (NDI)
  7. Mirko Srnkić, Šipkovo (FS)
  8. Mate Jozefović,Novigrad (FS)
  9. Robart Suboda,Novigrad (SOS)
  10. Rodoljub Vulović, Bojnjice (PANTERI)

Federal Assembly

The federal Assembly was declared to be the second chamber of the parliament, but no elections in the Assembly ever took place. It was renamed in May 2013 and became the Federal Council. The first elections took place in June 2013

Subject Councillors
Narentian Republic David Pašović (KP)
Petar Šimo (KP)
Marek Tomanić (NDI)
Lasvar Republic Marek Tvrtković (LP)
Zoran Tvrtković(LP)
Veleslav Posavinović (KP)
Dvor Okrug Ivana Dvorska
Novigrad Zuzka Igorevna (KP)
Mate  Josefović (FP)
Pravoplavci County Šimon Tatrić (NDI)
Julka Gromevna (KP)
Srnska County Mirko Srnkić(FP)
Ivo Pajčik(FP)
Krapina Okrug Jan Krapinski

Passed laws

  • Law on the Narentian Army- passed on the 17.5. 2013, declared the Military of Narentia the sole armed force in the state.Named officers into positions
  • 2014/001-Passed on the 14th February, declaring national holidays, conditions of citizenship, banning smoking and a few other aspects in the life of the citizens.
  • 2014/001Decree- Creation of the Narentian Federal Militia

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