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Template:Infobox Identity DocumentPassport of Verd'landian (vdl. Pasport Vэrdїlandiїarэlor) - is one from the three kinds of identification documents in Vladislavia, giving the citizenship of this country. It is considered as the main and default. As all three documents, this passport don't give the unconditional right to live within Republic without individual permission.

All data is being entered in Verd'landian language only.

Eligibility requirements

This document proves that person, who got it, is Verd'landian. For this, every candidate in this kind of citizens should:

Official requirements

  • Follow Verd'landian mindset - be tolerant, friendly and conflict-free person.
  • Appreciate Verd'landian culture - listen medieval and celtic folk music and know recipes of national cuisine.
  • Know the basic grammar and vocabulary of Verd'landian language. Have skill to use it.
  • Be patriot of Vladislavia. Have sincere wish to join it, improve it, take part in its actions and defend it.
  • Formally reject first nationality, and start to consider him/herself as Verd'landian.
  • Give the oath to Vladislavia.

Additional factual requirements

  • Be a part of Caucasian (Europid) or Americanoid race.
  • Be atheist, or, at least, cliregulist.

Present situation

Due to nonfunction of Vladislavia and total absence of contracts with printing companies, Government haven't opportunity to product full-valuable passports. To solve the problem partly, Vladislav Chokin produces temporary passports on default paper.

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