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Pattonland Confederation
[[Principality of Prussia|]] Prussia.png
[[Grunkia|]] Grunkia.png
4 months and 6 daysNoflag.png

Final flag

United We Stand
Capital city New Rome
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christian
Short name Pattonland
Demonym Pattonlandian
Government Conefederation
- President vacant
- Prime Minister vacant
Legislature Parliament
- Type - Senete
- Number of seats - 0
- Last election - 11. September 2012
Established 25.August 2012
Disestablished 1. January 2013
Area claimed 1000 sq. km.
Population 8
Currency Pattonlandian Dollar
National animal Golden Eagle
Patron saint St. John

Pattonland was a democratic confederation, which had formed on August 25, 2012. It was the result of union between Prussia and Grunkia, but later they had decided to make a confederation. The confederation had about 1,000 sq. km at its peak. The highest number of citizens had reached 8. The confederation welcomed any nation wishing to join the confederation.


The name "Pattonland" was the name of a project by Gunho Kim to make a new Grunkia. However, it did not fit his expectations and he abandoned it. He named it after the famous U.S. WWII General George S. Patton.


The confederation was created when Gunho Kim of Grunkia announced on the MicroWiki chat that he is open for union with countries without many citizens like Grunkia. Prince Justin I answered the call. After a few minutes of discussion, the two men agreed to a type of country like New Canada. The confederation was created with two constituent nations: Grunkia and Prussia.

Foreign Relations

Nations that Pattonland had relations with:

Newflagmonovia Monovia

Domanglian Broadcasting Service Government Videos Domanglia

North American Union flag New Canada (Alliance)

Saxonflag Saxon Empire

Former Constituent Nations

  1. GrunkiaGrunkia
  2. 200px-Flag of Prussia 1892-1918.svgPrincipality of Prussia

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