The Peerage of Harenfall comprises all extant peerages created in the Kingdom of Harenfall since the establishment of the Kingdom, the 26th September 2013. Peerages are still created, the last peerage to be created being the Duchy of Nuts.


The ranks of the peerages are (by precedence) Duke, Marquess, Count, Earl, Baron, Lord and Burgess.

Altough every peer exept for a knight may style himself Lord, the specific title of "Lord" is used like this "John Smith, 1st Lord Smith. The title Burgess is granted to a man without a liege lord (exept for the king) The Norwegian translation would be Friherre roughly meaning "Free-Man". Every title below Duke is styled His Lordship. or alternatively My Lord. The style the ducal peers is His Grace or just as with every other peerage, he may be alternatively styled My Lord.

List of peerages


  • Duchy of Perwick
  • Duchy of Storwick
  • Duchy of Thorsborg
  • Duchy of Nuts
  • Duchy of Jeffreyburg


  • County of Storwick
  • County of Plantfeldt
  • County of Wendel
  • County of Valoy


  • Marquisate of Vestburg
  • Marquisate of Travendal


  • Earldom of Nordlen
  • Earldom of Henrikstad


  • Barony of Scipperwick
  • Barony of Hallvardoy

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