Industrias Estatales Pegaso (Pegasus State Industries)
Motto "Sirviendo al país" (serving to the country)
Predecessor Hill Walker Studios
Formation 18/12/2016
Type State-owned company
Legal status Active
Purpose/focus Weapons manufacturing, comunications, media, graphic design.
Headquarters West Fornelos
Official languages Spanish, English
Director Dani
Affiliations United Federation of Fornelos, Intermicronational Union
Budget State funds
Staff 1
Former name Infra Corp., Hill Walker Studios, Industrias Pegaso

Industrias Estatales Pegaso (also known as Pegasus State Industries or Pegasus Industries in the international context) is the state company of the United Federation of Fornelos, responsible for producing goods for the government and the army, but also it produces goods for some Intermicronational Union members. The headquarter is located in West Fornelos.


Before of Pegasus State Industries (2008-2016)

The original company was created in 2008, called Infra Corporation, it was only a small private company where Dani made small comic strips that were shared among their schoolmates.

The creation of comics ended in 2012, replacing them with works of graphic design made by computer, like logos, posters and another stuff.

A year later, in 2013, Infra Corp. started a project to create a video game, but without any success.

In 2015, the company is refounded as Hill Warker Studios, where start working vectors system, leaving aside (but not abandoned) the bitmap system. When bronism arrived, this measure helped to create brony art with good quality and start making fanarts.

Creation of Pegasus State Industries

In 2016, Hill Warker Studios merged with some workers of the government of the United Federation of Fornelos to found the first state company of the micronation, Pegasus Industries. But in 25 December of 2016 the name is changed to Pegasus State Industries because the name was similar to another existing company.


In Pegasus State Industries there are different departments in charge of producing or serving different things. Many departments come to operate very independently of each other, making possible to speak of Pegasus industries as a corporation.

Pegasus Graphic Design


Is responsible for creating national designs, such as flags, emblems, medals and license plates. Also produces license plates for other micronations of the Intermicronational Union, like the Principality of Garonne.

Pegasus Arsenal


Is responsible of producing and designing new weapons for the army. Logically, this department is shared with them.

Pegasus FederBank


This department is the central bank of the country, making it responsible for administering state funds and putting the currency in circulation.


Owner Percent
United Federation of Fornelos
54 / 100
Republic of Wynaan
45 / 100
Empire of Skywalkistan
1 / 100