People's Congress of the UFSM
Congressatorium Populi FUMS
1st Assembly of the UFSM Congress
Speaker Mark Dresner, CPUFSM
since March 17th, 2010
Vice Speaker Ted DuRuisseau, CPUFSM
since March 17th, 2010
Protocolist Simon Earnest, CPUFSM
since March 17th, 2010

Members Edit

Senators Edit

  • Speaker: Simon Earnest (Marco Dresner is temporarily suspended)
  • Vice Speaker: Simon Earnest (Theodor DuRuisseau is temporarily suspended)
  • Protocolist: Simon Earnest (Simon Ernst)
  • Reynold Mountyard (Reinhold Ellenberg)
  • John Gardner-Hammersmith (Johannes Gärtner)
  • Paul Drivemont (Paul Fahrenberg)
  • Jane Black (Johanna Schwartz)
  • Charles Castlefield (Karl Feldburg)
  • Justin Miller (Jobst Müller)
  • Amanda Dérmy-Ramolt (Amalie Dérmy-Rammheld)

Congressmen Edit

  • Linden Valley Region: Ann-Sophy Myers (Marco Dresner is temporarily suspended)
  • Ronaldsville Region: Simon Earnest (Theodor DuRuisseau is temporarily suspended)
  • Brewel Region: Simon Earnest (Simon Ernst)
  • Highkirk Region: Reynold Mountellen (Reinhold Ellenberg)
  • Howereth Region: John Gardner-Hammersmith (Johannes Gärtner)
  • Nova Region: Paul Drivemont (Paul Fahrenberg)
  • Inchestick Region: Frances DuRuisseau (Franziska DuRuisseau)
  • Freckon Region: Felix Earnest (Felix Ernst)
  • Northorpe Region: Derrick Halliwell (Dieter Hellwig)
  • Redkirk Region: Quentin Baldrick (Wendolin Baldreich)
  • Conradstowe Region: John Myers (Jan Meier)
  • Marysburgh Region: Ann-Sophie Myers (Ann-Sophie Mayr)
  • Bayestown Valley Region: John Lynn (Hans Lind)
  • Roosterweald Region: Ursula Smith (Ursula Schmidt)
  • Bornestaffe Region: Natasha Julians (Natalja Julienkowskaja)

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