Inminўї Flotul Vladislavielor
Type Governmental Structure
Founded 1st October 2016
Founder(s) Vladislav Chokin
Headquarters Vladislavia in Exile (Akkerman) Sfatul in Exile
Services Actions with floating transport

People's Fleet of Vladislavia (vdl. Inminўї Flotul Vladislavielor) - is the national shipping company in Verd'landian Republic. Exists as one from the departments of Commissariat of Infrastructure and Transport (which is part of Sfatul of Vladislavia).

At this moment is abandoned due to absense of any floating stock.

Original morse signals

Disaster and asking for help

Instead of traditional signal "SOS" (··· – – – ···), Verd'landian fleet uses abbreviation "STM" (··· – – –), which means "Salїvarэcї-tэ Minэ!" - "Help (lit. Save) me!"

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