People's Republic of Nentouhon

Japanese:  念頭本の人民共和国

Nentouhon no Jinmin Kyouwakoku


The flag of Nentouhon



Motto: 大きく前進続ける

Oukiku Zenshin Tsudzukeru!

Continue Forward Greatly!


Blue: Claimed land, Green: Controlled land

Name People's Republic of Nentouhon



Socialist Parliamentary Republic

  • Prime Minister: Parrot the Cat
Languages English, Japanese
GDP NHN2,200 (USD22)
Currency Niti

The People's Republic of Nentouhon is a socialist republic micronation bordered on all sides by the United States. It is ruled by the premier, Matsuo Yoshitoki.


Nentouhon is Japanese for Mind Origin. Nentou means mind and hon means origin or root.

Government and Politics

Nentouhon has a unicameral parliament that is currently not active because of lack of population. It is fully controlled by the premier Matsuo Yoshitoki.


Nentouhon owns a small area of land around a neighborhood in the US. It also owns an island in Antarctica as well as the entire Alpha Centauri.


The economy operates under the Bank of Arai, which issues the currency, the Niti (二ティ). Niti means "Finance" in Tamil. The GDP of Nentouhon is 2,200 Niti.

Foreign Relationships

The People's Republic of Nentouhon recognizes several other micronations as independent states.

Administrative Divisions

The administrative divisions of Nentouhon are called provinces.

List of Provinces

  • Capitol Region
  • Southern Province
  • Northern Province
  • Chuugoku Province
  • Northwestern Province
  • Western Province

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