Norvale Flag

The Flag of Norvale

The People's Republic of Norvale or officially known as the (PRN) is a generally new micronation situated in the northwestern foothills of North Carolina, according to the 2016 summer census the (PRN) claims a population of 6 people, that includes two animals. Described as a populist "democratic" state that holds elections every two years for President & Vice President, but these claims have not gone undisturbed as foreign media has described the elections as "rigged" the nation is lead by two forceful yet benevolent leaders, Supreme Excellency James I and Lord Noah III.


The People's Republic of Norvale was founded by Supreme Excellency James I and Lord Noah III, they declared sovereignty on 6/28/16 stating that the PRN will be a prosperous safe haven in a world of chaos.


People's Republic of Norvale claims around 16 acres of land all across Surry County, North Carolina with several embassies placed all around the United States. Norvale is completely bordered by the United States of America who has yet to recognize Norvale as an official country.

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