The Peoples Republic of Terrallamus (Known as "Teh Djemsakas Rejoblik do Terrallamus" in Terrallaman) is a small micronation located inside of Brisbane, Australia. With a population of 1, the nation is ruled by Emperor Q of the United Democratic Orlist Party for the foreseeable future, though he has vowed to introduce democratic elections as soon as more permanent territory is acquired. Many consider Terrallamus to be one of the most pleasant nations in the world.
The Peoples Republic of Terrallamus
Independence from the Commonwealth of Australia Declared on 12th of July 2015
Capital City Liamo
Official Language(s) Terrallaman, English (Secondary)
Demonym Terrallamusian
Governmental System Orlist Democracy
Legislature Terrallamusi Chamber of National Decisions
Area Claimed <1 square kilometre
Currency Terrallamusi Llamad
Time Zone Terrallamusi Australian Continental Eastern Time
National Animal Llama


The name "Terrallamus" is derived from the Latin "Terra" meaning "Land of" and the Terrallaman word "Llamus" meaning "Llama".


The Peoples Republic of Terrallamus seceded from the Commonwealth of Australia on the 6th of June 2015 as Emperor Q raised the Terrallamusi flag on the official door.

On the 9th of June 2015, Emperor Q held a conference with the governments of The Peoples Republic of Terrallamus, The Democratic Kingdom of Paple States and The Republic of Loohardia and formerly established the United Burandan Nations, an international organization devoted to increasing cooperation and communication between the governments of democratic nations. On the 12th of June 2015, Emperor Q was elected Regional Emperor of the United Burandan Nations through a democratic election voted in by the governments of UBN Member Nations.

On the 9th of August 2015, Emperor Q signed a bill declaring war on North Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos, Eritrea, The Bashir Al-Asad Administration of Syria, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan and all "un-democratic and oppressive nations". Though no military action has been taken, the declaration of war has been seen in the micronational community as a strong step forward for freedom.

Government and PoliticsEdit

Terrallamus is governed by the United Democratic Orlist Party or UDOP; lead by Democratically Elected Emperor Q. The party governs under a system known within Terrallamus as "Orlism", where the government provides free healthcare and education, while embracing regulated capitalism. Though there have been no elections so far, Emperor Q has vowed to hold democratic elections as soon as more than 5 permanent citizens are present in the nation.  Same-sex marriage has been legal since independence, with gun rights also being an important issue.


Terrallamus's territory currently consists of Emperor Q's room. The Terrallamusi government plans to eventually buy an island and move it's operations there,


The Terrallamusi Armed Forces consists of 1 active troop as well as a cap gun and katana as weaponry. Terrallamus's military considers a traditional Terrallamusi-Style Katana Sword as an important part of a soldier's uniform. The Terrallamusi Armed Forces has yet to see any armed conflict, despite Emperor Q declaring war on many countries.


Terrallamus is home to a small collection of guitars and music, with citizens enjoying the music of Nirvana, Paramore, Silverchair, Alice in Chains, Tim Minchin, Various Monstercat Artists and many more.

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