National Flag

Land and GeographyEdit

The geography in Tiberia is built up of slopes of fresh grass.

The Government building is surrounded by several examples of this environment, as is most of Tiberia.

Communist RuleEdit

Following the beliefs of President Samphire it was decided that Tiberia was to be a Communist Republic, this led to controversy in the closely allied Kingdom of Broughtopia. The Kingdom of Broughtopia issued a declaration of war against The People's Republic of Tiberia.

President Samphire, a positive beliver in Communism and Socialism "saw the Kingom of Broughtopia's Imperial tyrannical rule over their people" in an offical Government statement.

President Sampire in another Government statement regected all imperial commendations from the Kingdom of Broughtopia, and has given up his seat on the Broughtopian Lord's Council, and his position as First Lord and as the assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Broughtopian Military.

On 19th May 2010, the Government issued an Official Declaration of War against The Kingdom of Broughtopia. The Persident will not stop till the enemy has been crushed and burned to the ground.


Government House: The Official Capital of Tiberia.

Private Residences of the First Family.

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