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This is a list of the Republic of Perrysland's provinces in the Eastern Hemisphere.

List of Provinces



The Speke Islands are a group of 10 islands in the Ugandan side of Lake Victoria in Africa. The islands were named after the man who named the lake after Queen Victoria of England. Since he got very little recognition, President Perry named this island group after him. The islands may be unannexed, due to Lake Victoria containing bilharzia, tuberculosis, and hepatitis. Due to this, it will never be a tourist destination.


Astrove Island is an uninhabited island located in the Aldabra Group in the Seychelles. It is 38km south of the nearest inhabited island. It is 1633 acres, and will eventually be developed into a major resort island.



St. Pierre Island is an uninhabited island in the Farquhar Group in the Seychelles. It is just west of Providence Atoll. It is 415 acres, and is a National Park, meaning it will not be developed. The claim also includes the small rocky island northwest of St. Pierre.

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