The Pilgrims' Colony of the Azuro Peninsula (Or the Azuro Peninsula for short) is a narrow peninsula on the island of Montreal, in Canada. The peninsula is the narrowest point of Renee Levesque Park.



The Azuro Peninsula is a sacred place for people who practice Blue Toadism, a religion that reveres Blue Toad from the Super Mario franchise.

Blue Toadists believe that the Blue Toad meditated on the peninsula and became enlightened and learned the Path of Azuro, the core philosophy of all Blue Toadists.


On June 17th, 2017, the peninsula was colonized by Blue Toadist pilgrims. There was a total of twenty pilgrims that colonized the peninsula.

All settlements on the peninsula are temporary, and pilgrims come and go. Pilgrims go there to meditate and try to become enlightened.

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