Podokan and New Podokan are micronations founded by Aidan Becketson. Podokan consisted of part of an alleyway in Montreal, Canada. New Podokan consisted of a bit of sidewalk near what used to be Podokan.


In 2013, Aidan Becketson seceded from Canada, and founded Podokan on the sidewalk of his apartment. Due to expensive rent, The people of Podokan were forced to leave their territory in December of 2014. They found a new territory 3 kilometers away in early 2015.

The Argument of 2015

In 2015, neighbours from Canada dumped some old empty wooden crates and furniture in Podokan territory. The neighbours wanted the people of Podokan to leave, and the people of Podokan wanted their neighbours to take away the items that they dumped in Podokan.

Eventually, the people of Podokan were forced to leave their territory, and they moved back to Canada. Podokan became part of Canada once more. However, throughout the rest of 2015, and part of 2016, the people who used to be part of Podokan made secret colonies around the area, but none of them lasted. They always had to move for some reason or another.

New Podokan

In 2016, Aidan Becketson found a new place to found Podokan anew. He and the people who used to live in Podokan went to the sidewalk in front of Becketson's house, and they formed the micronation of Podokan on that bit of sidewalk. The new micronation lasted almost a year.

In 2017, Agoston Nemeth allegedly found an ancient book in the forest, which he translated from Punjabi to English using Google Translate. Apparently, the book contained the teachings of a man named Advik. Agoston, or Goston, as he was fondly called, believed the words of this book, and founded Advik's religion anew, and called it Acornism.

Goston then went to New Podokan and converted most of the citizens to Acornism, and the Oakmen, as they were called, started a war against the government which lasted six days. This war was called the Podokan Civil War. President Becketson was killed, and others fled into Canada.

Foundation of Nevatim

Goston Nemeth renamed the micronation Nevatim, after a city in Israel. He became the High Priest of Nevatim, and the government became a theocracy. The micronation of the Nevatim Empire still exists to this day.

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