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The Polaris Evolution

The maul of truth is key
Capital city Kel'ar ly
Largest city Kel'ar ly
Official language(s) English. mixed lingo
Demonym Polaran
Government Example
- Vice-President Jane AB Citizen
- Kel'ariy Ory'hara
Legislature Parliament
Established 2014
Area claimed 1km²
Population unknown
National sport Example
National animal Duck
Internet Domain

The Polaris Evolution was created officially on April 30, 2014. this micronation is under construction and recruiting

honorable warriors and civilians. The Polaris operates with a unique caste system. each caste with tasks of research and exploration, military defense, administration, engineers, workers and more


The Polaris originally started out in long evolving progression as just a gaming clan. built over time by Ory'hara and his friends. winning epic wars against the renegade clan, the endless clan, and the elements of chaos.

Government & Politics

Currently only headed by Ory'hara Geptun as his other command caste administrators are inactive, a 2 tier council is planned with a high council known as the kel'ariy circle and a lower council headed by a leader of each caste. both councils are planned to work together on various decisions

Law & Order

The polaris have an warrior class honor code of truth, loyalty, defending your fellow warrior and your family.

Foreign Relations

being a new nation to the scene, the Polaris do not have any allies or enemies


The planned military will have a large scale electronic army, primarily for defending its servers in both security and in game war.

Geography & Climate

To be determined


To be determined


will be added soon


A monthly news letter and an official shoutcast station is planned

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