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The Federated Union of Polaris 'The Polaris Federation
The Polaris Federation
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Motto: Preserverence in the Eyes of Adversity.
National Anthem: Anthem of the Federation
Royal Anthem: God Preserve Our Monarchs
Government: Multinational Federation
Lord of the Federation: Shadrach the First, Lord of the Federation
Location: Various Interstellar Nations, Planets, Nation-States, City-States, Territories and Dependencies temporarily ruled from Florida, United States
Population: Currently Four People.
Date of foundation: Circa 2000. Did not become a political entity until December 28, 2008
Language: English, Dei-Qhreken, Various Local Languages spoken by memberstates.
Demonym: Polarian, Dei'Qhreken

The Polaris Federation, or simply "Polaris" or "The Federation" is a collection of Micronations united for the purposes of cooperation in diplomacy, commerce, development, and military affairs. The Polaris Federation was founded in the year by Lord Shadrach the First in the year 2000, however it would not become a political entity until December 21, 2008. Its territory is stated to have territorial claims all over the world and portions of the known universe and its believed to be expanding every year with new additional member states, principalities, kingdoms, and republics joining the Federation. At present, the Polaris Federation is believed to have approximately Twelve Member States.

Lord Shadrach

His Serene Highness the Regent of the Kingdom of Sargasso, Lord Shadrach is descended from the monarchs of Europe. Born in the year 1986, the young monarch knew for certain he was the right choice to lead his nation. He assumed the position of Prime Minister in the year 2000, thus the Polaris Federation entered in a Personal Union with the Sargasso Kingdom. Lord Shadrach currently has began to engage relations with the Micronation of Eastwind.

Polaris Federation-DesertPhile War (2008-2009)

The Federation-Desertphile was largely a conflict between the forces of Lord Shadrach and the Polaris Federation and Desertphile and his Desert Bandits. Lord Shadrach's forces were victorious in this war as the Federation was aided by its ally and its associate state, the Sargasso Kingdom. The war was a victory for the Federation.

Federation-Sessionary Conflict (2009-Present)

The Polaris Federation recently has become involved with numerous wars involving various colonial factions wishing to succeed. The Federal Council considers this an outrage and has began to a war of requisition of its breakaway colonies. These colonies have cleared themselves to being the nations of Wolhtland, Strohmfuerst, and Grahamshire.