PoliNation 2012
Date 14 July 2012
Site Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

PoliNation 2012, officially PoliNation: 2nd International Conference on Micronations, was a meeting of micronationalists held on 14 July 14 2012 in London. Originally conceived as a second meeting of MicroWiki states after the success of the 2011 Intermicronational Summit, the idea expanded into a meeting of 24 micronations and 32 micronationalists from both within and outside of the MicroWiki community.

This was the second time that a large number of people from the MicroWiki Community met in person, following on from the 2011 Intermicronational Summit the previous year, although a large micronationalists from outside of the MicroWiki sector, e.g. Molossia and Atlantium, also attended. Although the summit itself took place only on 14 July, due to the large number of micronationalists that travelled to London for the weekend several informal meetings also took place on Friday 13th and Sunday 15th.

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