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06-27-2014 Remove all "red links" and bring to date. Mark for deletion after 14 days. The Police Force of the United States of Sheffield, commonly known as the PFUSS, is the Police Force of the USS and is therefore responsible for the security and wellbeing of both the state and society. The Police Force also acts as the Secret Service of the USS, and often carries out espionage against political opponents within the USS. Currently, most membership details about the PFUSS are secret, and only a few members are publicly known. It is thought that the PFUSS is organised in a cell-like structure, with the President of the USS, Harry Fitzpatrick being the ultimate commander of the force. However, the PFUSS is notably both more active and more autonomous then most other Monovish Government institutions. In order to become a PFUSS member, he or she must be a member of the Democratic Peoples Party of Sheffield.  The PFUSS also provides personal protection to the President himself, and the PFUSS are the most active belligerent in the ongoing Forvian Crisis. 

PFUSS Centres


President Fitzpatrick exploring the "USS Bunker".


Due to the secretive nature of the PFUSS, few of it's centres are known, with only two being released to the public. The first and most famous one, is the location around the "USS Bunker", an abandoned Royal Observer Corps nuclear surveillance outpost from the Cold War. The other known PFUSS Centre is in Chinobe, and is mostly used for directing missions in Forvia.


The PFUSS is disliked by a proportion of USS citizens, mostly due to it's militant and secretive nature, however, many sectors of USS society have actually came out in it's support, stating that before an organised Police Force was created there was much more political instability and warring in the Sheffield Community of Micronations. 

Sereval Senators have also came out against the PFUSS, however, these conerns are often crushed due to the high status of Ross Nixon, one of the few confirmed members of the PFUSS as well as a USS Senator. Harry Fitzpatrick has previously said himself that the PFUSS should be "softened", but this was dismissed by political opponents as a mere publicity stunt.

Some have also criticised the cell-like, militia-based structure of the PFUSS, and have accussed State Officials of using the PFUSS as a form of secondary army.

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