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Polish Kingdom Of New Leominster

" Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna"
"Mazurek Dąbrowskiego"
Poland,Massachusetts(United States)
Capital city Leominster(Temporary)
Largest city Leominster,Warsaw(Claimed)
Official language(s) English,Polish
Official religion(s) Roman Catholic,Protestant
Demonym Massapole
Government Confedaritive Monarchy
- King JMK
- President JMK
Legislature Congressional Sejm
Established Polish-Lithuanian Commenwealth(1569-1795), Revival(2010)
Area claimed 700 yds,455,910 sq. miles
Population 5,Over 75 Million(Claimed)
Currency Zloty,Euro,U.S. Dollar
Time zone Eastern Standard,Central European Time
National animal Cats
Patron saint Pope
No Elections

The Polish Kingdom of New Leominster is a monarchist micronation formed in 2010 as a revival of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


The Polish Kingdom of New Leominster has placed boundaries on the countries it recognizes, and several micronations recognize them.

Nations recognized by New LeominsterEdit

  • Cheslovia
  • Santos
  • Siber City
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Every other nation except communist ones, Iran, Russia, and Germany

Nations That Recognize New LeominsterEdit



  • March-Declaration of Independence
  • April-Constitution,Naming of Joshua Kalinowski as King
  • May-Creation Of Sejm and Senate
  • June-Creation of the position of President,Naming of Avery Thomas as President
  • July-Vice President Created,Naming of Alex Barbosa as Vice President
  • August-7 Weeks Civil War
  • Results:Abolition of Position of Vice President,Naming of Alex Barbosa as President
  • September-Resignment of Alex,Joshua Kalinowski as President

2011 Edit

  • April-Sanctions Against Muhammer Gaddahfi
  • May-Declaration of war against Libya
  • June-Relocation of Government from Worcester to Leominster
  • July-Sanctions against U.S. President Barack Obama,Declaration of War against North Korea
  • August-Declaration of war against Cheslovia.Recognition of Santos as a micronation,Aliance with Santos and Siber City


  • Declaration War-vs. United States (March 2010-March 2010)
  • 7 Weeks Civil War-vs. Avery Thomas' Government(August 2010-September 2010
  • Libyan War-vs. Libya under Muhammer Gaddahfi(May 2011-Ongoing)
  • Korean War-vs. North Korea(August 2011- Ongoing)
  • Cheslovian War-vs. Cheslovia(August 2011-Ongoing)

National Holidays (Non-religous holidays)Edit

  • January 1-New Years
  • March 7-Poland Day(Founding Of Country)
  • April 28-King Day(King's Birthday)
  • April 29-President's Day
  • May 25-Government Day
  • August 8-Sister's Day
  • September 1-Labor day
  • November 11-Mothers Day
  • November 12-Remembrance day
  • December 1-Memorance Day


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