Flag of the Kingdom of Bolcar
Though the Kingdom of Bolcar is a monarchy, under the king there are a host of electorial postitions people can aspire too, such as Prime Minister.


Constitutional Party

The Constitutional party was founded in October 2012 by Susan Bolcar, and now is the ruling party of the Kingdom for the fact that they have control through the Prime Minister.

The goal for this party is to uphold the law of the constitution, which in the Kingdom of Bolcar is very "loose".

They also control one the 3 seats of the Senate.
Constitutional Party
Leader Susan Bolcar
Founded September-October 2012
Headquarters New Prague
Ideology Keeping to the constitution

Republican Party

The Republican Party is the largest party of the Kingdom, and is now in control of New Prague.

They control a seat in the Senate.

Republican Party
Leader Ken Bolcar
Founded September 2012
Headquarters New Prague
Ideology More freedom to the people.

Communist Party

The Communist party is in control of the Kingdom of Me.

They control the last seat of the Senate.

Communist Party
Leader Laura Bolcar
Founded October 2012