Pope Delmon I is the founder and pope of Selwyn, a micronation located on a patch of land in the middle of a boulevard in Montreal, Canada.

Foundation of Selwyn

Upon discovering the Cult of Bob Ross, Pope Delmon I decided that the religion should have its own nation. So he founded Selwyn on a patch of land in the middle of a boulevard in his hometown of Montreal.

Delmon founded the micronation on May 13th, 2017. He named it after his mother's last name. Delmon became pope the day Selwyn was founded, and got six people to join his micronation, and he got three to adhere to the Cult of Bob Ross.

Trouble with Nevatian Government

On May 26th, 2017, Pope Delmon I heard that the Nevatim Empire, a nearby micronation, wanted to colonize the territory claimed by Selwyn.

He sent a letter to the Nevatian Government notifying them that the territory was already claimed by a micronation, but this only made things worse.

Now, Nevatim wants to conquer Selwyn. However, they will not send troops immediately, for they have not yet recovered from the recent coup d'etat that they had.

The date of the first attack is unknown, but until then, Delmon ordered three guards to guard the micronation in case of a Nevatian attack.


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