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Poseidon flag2 Governorateofposeidon
Flag Coat of arms
National Anthem:
"Atlantis Anthem"
Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit
Jurisdiction Republic of Atlantis

Official languages English, Italiano

Area 15 km2
Latitude 40° 56′ 3″ N
Longitude 14° 55′ 2″ E


– Citizens 21
– Residence 2.428

Date formats Holocene calendar


Government Website

Poseidon was the former capital of the Republic of Atlantis and is today the capital of the Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis. The territories of Poseidon are located in central Italy in the region of Campania. This territory has been for years and still is nowadays a countryside but there are lots of small city that are growing up fastly.

Poseidon under Republic of Atlantis

In the early times Poseidon has been annected to the territory of the Republic of Atlantis and has becomed the Capital of the Republic. The president Alexander Virgili, the former Ministry of the Interior Sante Carbone and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Gabriele Pellecchia have been there lots of time until all the territory of the capital was given to Sante Carbone who was also elected Governor. The territory was also used for all kind of military exercitations.

Poseidon Captured by the AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army

After the facts of the Civil War of Atlantis the territory was occupied by the Liberation Army leaded by Sante Carbone. The troops take control of the main building of the Capital and formed a new Republic. The territory was all occupied by the AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army until the 28 September 2010 and there are tractives between the Republic of Atlantis and the new Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis for the rule of territory.

Poseidon divided in two parts

The 28 September 2010 the Republic of Atlantis considering unstable the situation of the north part of the capital, established an autonom government respect the rest of the governorate while not recognizing the north part as an autonom nation. Also, all link with north Poseidon are close by the south part. Always hoping to end the conflict with the diplomacy, the diplomati embargo is still active. The 27 was created a new flag of South Poseidon.

Flags of Poseidon

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