The president of Narentia is officially the head of state of Narentia. The president is elected by the citizens for a 1-year term. The President is more representative office, but he may take power or name a dictator and rule authoritarilly.

History of the office

The office was created with the first  constitution, written on the 23rd September 2012. But late back then, there was no de iure holder of the office.De facto, V. Petrović acted as the President .

The President has called an Presidential election on the 12th April 2013.

List of Presidents of Narentia

Name Term start Term end Party Notes
1. Vitomir Petrović 23rd September 2012 13th April 2013 НДЗ Still not officially elected president, but has made a great amount of work with the constitution.
2 Goran Kovač 13th April 2013 14th May 2013 None First democratically elected president (see below)
3  Marek Tomanić 15th May 2013 17th May 2013 НДИ De facto president. (see Novomostje ceasefire)
4 Ante Kolač 17th May 2013

11th June 2013

None After the Treaty of Novigrad
5 Marek Tomanić 11th June 2013 ? НДИ Second democratically elected president

April 2013 Presidential election

Has been the first official Presidential election in Narentia.


  1. Vojislav Marković (NNJ)
  2. Slobodan Pavelić (PPP)
  3. Zoran Tvrtković
  4. Marek Tomanić
  5. Goran Kovač
  6. A.M. Lasavski (NDZ)
Candidates and nominating parties 1st round
Votes %
Goran Kovač 5 31.25
Zoran Tvrtković 3 18,75

A.M. Lasavski (NDZ)

2 12.5
Marek Tomanić 2 12.5
Slobodan Pavelić (PPP) 2 12.5
Vojislav Marković (NNJ) 2 12.5
Total 16 100.00

June 2013 Elections

The elections will take place on the 10th June 2013.


  1. Marek Tomanić(NDI, LS)
  2. Vitomir Petrovič (NDZ)
  3. Jan Krapinski (SLS)
  4. Andre Izbjacki

Opinion Poll

The opinion poll taken on the 8.6. 2013 came up with the following results:

Candidate %
Marek Tomanić 12 75
Andre Izbjacki 2 13
Vitomir Petrović 1 6
Jan Krapinski 1 6


Candidate Votes %
Marek Tomanić 13 68
Jan Krapinski 3 16
Andre Izbjacki 2 11
Vitomir Petrovič 1 5

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