Head of state PB, exercises executive power, judicial and legislative country, is the supreme commander of the armed forces may also request written opinions ministries. Has the right to conclude international agreements, appoint ambassadors, judges, ministers and governors of the federal.

Functions of the presidency

Targeting administration

The President is the head of administration of PB. This role involves managing the work of the entire apparatus of the federal administration. To ensure the implementation of the law.

The commander of the armed forces

The president is the supreme superior of the Armed Forces PB. This imposes on him the responsibility for the development, training, supervision and distribution of all the Armed Forces of the country. Review the troops, and confers military awards. Obligation to care for the national security of the country, including in the military aspect. Uses for the purpose of military advisers and civilian safety advisers.

Director diplomacy 

Sets the direction of foreign policy, is in talks with the leaders of other countries, fulfills ceremonial functions to the representatives of other countries and take decisions on matters of foreign policy. One of the president's prerogatives in this area: 

  • Establishing the ambassadors of the country at the International Union of Democratic Nations. 
  •  Conducting negotiations and concluding agreements with other countries; 
  •  Travel abroad on behalf of the state.

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