1 lion
ISO Code PßM
Value 1ß = 1$
Official User(s) PrussiaNew Prussia
Symbol ß
Plural PreußischenMark
Denominations N/A
Central Bank Imperial Bank of Prussia
Printer Imperial Bank's mint of Prussia

The PreußenMark (sign: ß; code: PßM), also referred to as the Prussian dollar or simply the Mark, is the official currency of Prussia.

Prussian Mark sign

The symbol ß, usually written after the numerical amount, is used for the PreußenMark. The sign was the result of the German Letter Eszett (∫ and s). The ∫ and the s eventually came to be written over each other giving rise to ß.(See Here for the letter Eszett)


Below are the designs for the Mark bill and Coin

Image Value Use
1 lion 1 PreußenMark Bill
5 lions 5 PreußenMark Bill
10 lions 10ß 10 PreußenMark Bill
20PreußenMark Bill 20ß 20 PreußenMark Bill
50 lions 50ß 50 PreußenMark Bill
100 lions 100ß 100 PreußenMark Bill
1PreußenMark 1 PreußenMark Coin
5PreußenMark 5 PreußenMark Coin
10PreußenMark 10ß 10 PreußenMark Coin
20PreußenMark 20ß 20 PreußenMark Coin
50PreußenMark 50ß 50 PreußenMark Coin *Note, darker gold and Silver coloration
100PreußenMark 100ß 100 PreußenMark Coin

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