Prime Minister of the Magdalen Islands
Premier ministre de l'Îles de la Madeleine
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Raoul Bouchard

since 23 November 2012
Appointer Guillaume Garot
Term length At President's pleasure
Inaugural holder Kader Arif
Formation 15 November 2012


The Prime Minister of the Republic of the Magdalen Islands is the most senior minister of cabinet, and is responsible for presiding over its meetings. The Prime Minister must be a member of parliament during his/her time in office. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President from amongst the largest party or coalition of parties in the National Assembly.

December 2012 Crisis

On 19 December 2012, Raoul Bouchard was kicked out of office after a motion of non-confidence against the government. Paul Frank, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the leader of the Coalition for the Future, withdrew his support for the coalition, and the government therefore collapsed. President Guillaume Garot appointed former presidential candidate, Manuela St-André, to lead a caretaker government until a deal was made between the parties for a new coalition government. On 20 December 2012, after three hours of negotiations, a new coalition government was formed by the Conservative Party, the Green Party, and the Coalition for the Future. The deal will last until 10 January 2013, when the new Prime Minister, François Côté, will ask President Garot to call an election to try to bring about stability.

List of Prime Ministers

No. Name
Took office Left office Elections Political Party
1 Kader Arif
15 November 2012 23 November 2012 Independent
2 Raoul Bouchard
23 November 2012 19 December 2012 2012 Liberal
3 Manuela St-André
19 December 2012 20 December 2012 Independent
4 François Côté
20 December 2012 Incumbent Conservative