Prime Minister (Premiér) of Noble Republic of Lurk
Standarta Premiéra Vznešené Republiky Lurkské
Flag of the Premier of the Noble Republic of Lurk
Alex White

since November 2012
Style Premier
Residence Own residence
Term length Two years
Salary Unspecified

Premiér Vznešené Republiky Lurkské (English: Prime Minister of the Noble Republic of Lurk) is the highest governmental position in the Noble Republic of Lurk. Premier is also the head of the state and head of the government, head of the Great Assembly, signs the laws and international treaties.

Provisional Prime MinisterEdit

Provisional Prime Minister (Czech:Dočasný premiér) is a position, which will cease to exist after the first democratic elections. Provisional prime minister can issue decrees and assume more governmental positions at one time.


Noble Republic of Lurk

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