Princedom of Christiansvik

Verbum, spes et victoria
Capital city Ankerstad
Official religion(s) Protestant Christian
Government Elective Monarchy
- Prince Jeffrey I
- Minister Geoffrey MacLean (acting)
Established 24.04.2014
Population 3
Time zone Norwegian Crown
National animal Bear
Patron saint St.Peter

The Princedom of Christiansvik is a vassal state under the protection of The Kingdom of Harenfall.

The Princedom was founded 24.05.2014 as an autonomous state under Harenfall. The Princedom is an elective monarchy, and only the "Prince Electors" can vote for a new prince, aswell as styling themselves Prince Elector of Christiansvik. Every 4th year, the prince electors vote for a new prince. In the most recent vote, held 25.05.2014, the contemporay 3 Prince Electors, chose King Jeffrey I as the prince of Christiansvik, for a 4 year term. The Princedom is largely seen, a part of Harenfall, but maintans some sovereignty