The idea of starting a micronation was fun, and I wanted to give it a try, so I started this. I have no plans on making thing a sovereign state as of now, but if it comes to it, I may try to. Coalton was founded as a get together for friends, family, and like minded people. Citizenship is offered to those who apply and you do not need to give up any current citizenship. I have looked into claiming land in Antarctica or one of the thousands of abandoned oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

Founded in December of 2015, I later that day discovered this wikia page and contributed my micronation to it, we have past ties to a micronation that no longer exists, The Baltin Republic. We were formed for fun, but may eventually try to declare our independence and be recognized by the United Nations.


The "Military" consists of a few people and a few rifles and shotguns, all we do is target practice and have no plans on fighting anyone. The military is open to anyone to join, background checks are made on suspicious individuals (People I don't know). Uniforms, just buy a camo Jacket from Wal-mart, or online for cheap. Currently we are landlocked so we only have an Army, Pre-Training is offered to anyone of age 15-17, must be 18 to be a full time soldier.

Army: 2 members

Air Force: 0 members (We have no jets obviously)

Navy: 0 members (We have no Armed vessels but we have boats)

Marines: 1 in training


The government is led by both Royalty and Citizens, As the Royalty control main things, the Citizens elect officials to represent in the national council. The council consists of Ministries which consist of multiple people with one person heading the Ministry, the head of all Ministries which is nominated by the people, and elected by the other ministers is known as the Prime Minister. Our Government Staff (Their first names will not be included for identity reasons, you'll have to be a citizen to know them):

Prime Minister: Mr. Clark

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ms. Bakke

Minister of Internal Affairs: Mr. Bowers

Minister of Defense: Mr. Vinyard

We are still looking for our government positions to be filled, but those will be people who live in or near the territory

Custom flag 12 cross by greatpaperwolf-d49e74y


Coalton, like any other country, has a few sports. As of right now, our national sport is Basketball, we also include American Football, and Football.

Coalton also is featured online, mainly using steam. The national game is CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) and Rust, a game made by facepunch studios.