Principality of Correia

Deo Vindice
Battle Cry of Freedom
Official language(s) English


Short name [[P.O.C New Vietnam]]
Demonym American, Pocian, Correian (largely not used for being confused with Korean)
Government Democratic Republic
Population 12 (official) 800 (unofficial)
Currency Correian Credits
National dish Apple Butter Toast
National drink Coffee

The Principality of Correia is a micronation located within San Diego, California. It consists of a middle school, a park and many public fields. The P.O.C is extremely anti-communist and considers any communist nation to be a threat to national security.


The P.O.C is Governed by President Garcia. Although being a principality there are no princes but they regard their "prince" as Morality. Although the P.O.C supports small government, they have a  large amount of laws that prevent people from forming Communist, Anarchist, and Satanist organizations.


The only war declared by the P.O.C is The MIcronational war on Crime Put in place to try and find non-violent solutions for crimes within micronations by blocking out vandalism or stopping crime organizations from getting new members.



The only existing military force within the nation is the P.O.C militia. The militia acts not as a offensive force, but as a defensive force, protecting the nation if necessary. The only time the militia may become offensive is if the president and the vice both approve of Code Yellow Rising, thus activating the militia. The militia also stands as the only job available throughout the country besides small business ownership.

Anti P.O.C Rebellion

A citizen of the P.O.C has formed a rebellion known as the Republic of Anti P.O.C. Although they only have one official member, the organization has attacked the president only once. They say they are at "war" with the P.O.C however President LaFontaine only sees them as a combatant in the Micronational War on Crime.



Borders of the Country

Recently, the P.O.C has had a large amount of vandalism occur and some fights have broken out between citizens however all members within those fights were put to proper justice. Part of the country known as the State of the Overland Territories has a large homeless population and although no crime can be accused, it is possible that the large home.

less population has caused a large amount of litter within the area

P.O.C's Vending Rewards Program

The Vending Rewards Program was put in place on 2/26/13 in order to help the value of the P.O.C's Correian Credit and to help their struggling economy. The Idea is that businesses would sell products for Correian Credits, they could then use the Credits to buy special interest products from the government.

"Congratulations! if you are a citizen you now have the full right to access the P.O.C's Vending Reward Program! This program is meant to help our economy and help you citizen! So here's how it works, you sell products for Correian Credits, and use the Credits to buy special interest products from us, the government! as long as you keep buying from us we will be sure to through some rewards your way! So what are you waiting for citizen? Go out there and start selling!" advertisement for the P.O.C Vending Rewards Program.