Egan, officially the Principality of Egan, is a small micronation located in Montreal, Canada. It was founded on July 5th, 2017.


The government of Egan is a dictatorship. The current dictator is Governor Aidan Styles.

Capital City

The capital city of Egan is Scammington. Egan is the name of the micronation, Scammington is the name of the capital. The two are often mixed up.

Scammington was named after a fictional town in the videogame Cubic Castles.

Foreign Relations

Egan recognizes all UN members except for North Korea. Egan also recognizes Kosovo, Molossia, Hutt River, and Abkhazia. Egan recognizes the Palestinian territory of Gaza but not the West Bank.

Banned items and people

The items that are prohibited in Egan are: guns, bombs, coriander, coconut, and pornography.

The people who are banned from Egan are: Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Steve Bannon, David Duke, and Ted Cruz.

Official things

  • Official religion: Semitic Neopaganism
  • Official languages: French and English
  • Official video game: Temple Run, Temple Run 2
  • Official car: Mitsubishi
  • Official beverage: Dr. Pepper
  • Official meal: Kraft Dinner
  • Official bird: Penguin
  • Official animal: Minnow


Egan is home to a few animals. Here is a list

  • Musca Domestica (housefly)
  • Cornu Aspersum (common snail)
  • Sciurus Carolinesis (eastern grey squirrel)
  • Felis Catus (cat)

Black squirrels are occasionally seen, but it is a rare sight. Stray cats are known to cross into Egan's borders. Houseflies are commonly seen eating snail carcass, and snails are commonly seen eating leaves.

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