Principality of Hashima
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"Our island is our life"
Royal Anthem of Hashima
Royal Anthem of Hashima

Hash map The location of the Principality of Hashima
Capital city City of Hashima
Largest city City of Hashima
Official language(s) Chinese
Short name Hashima
Demonym Hashiman
- Prince Prince Fabrizio I of Hashima,
Established 28th September 2014
Area claimed 0,063 km² (63 hectares)
Population 137 Born in Albania: 2 people

Born in Argentina: 1 people

Born in Armenia: 1 people

Born in Australia: 2 people

Born in Belarus: 1 people

Born in Brazil: 2 people

Born in Canada: 3 people

Born in China: 5 people

Born in Denmark: 1 people

Born in the Dominican Republic: 1 people

Born in Ecuador: 1 people

Born in France: 1 people

Born in Guatemala: 1 people

Born in Hungary: 20 people

Born in Iceland: 1 people

Born in Indonesia: 5 people

Born in Italy: 43 people

Born in Japan: 1 people

Born in Libya: 1 people

Born in Liechtenstein: 1 people

Born in Mexico: 2 people

Born in Mongolia: 1 people

Born in Morocco: 1 people

Born in Palestine: 1 people

Born in the Philippines: 2 people

Born in Poland: 2 people

Born in Russia: 2 people

Born in San Marino: 1 people

Born in Singapore: 2 people

Born in Somalia: 1 people

Born in South Africa: 1 people

Born in South Korea: 2 people

Born in Spain: 1 people

Born in Taiwan: 1 people

Born in Thailand: 2 people

Born in Ukraine: 4 people

Born in the United Kingdom: 3 people

Born in the United States of America: 1 people

Born in Venezuela: 1 people
Currency Lirint of Hashima
Time zone UTC+8

The Principality of Hashima, also known as Hashima, is a micronation founded in 2014 by Feng Li which claims Hashima Island as its sovereign territory.


Hashima island is of volcanic origin and is located fifteen kilometers off the coast of Nagasaki in the East China Sea. It is one of the 505 deserted islands located in the eponymous prefecture. Hashima is famously small, being only about 480 meters long and just under 150 in width with an area of only 63 hectares.



The island was populated from 1887 to 1974.It was a coal mining facility,and it's popular for it's operation in the during the industrialization of Japan.The island was bought by Mitubishi in 1890,and the company has built the first Concrete building in Japan,used to protect the residences from typhoon destructions.Since Petroleum replaced coal in Japan in 1960s,the coal mines in Hashima had start to shut down,and the population has started to lower down quickly.


In 28 September 2014, President Feng Li and the Parliament of the People's Republic of Hashima declared independence of Hashima as "People's Republic of Hashima" from Japan. The People's Republic of Hashima is the founder member of the Asian Micronations (knowed until 2 March 2015 as Organization of Asian Micronations), founded in 28 September 2014. In the same day,the People's Republic of Hashima signed a treat of mutual recognition and diplomatic relationships with the Chaowanese Empire and with the Antarctic Kingdom.

General Constitution Objectives

  • The State promotes justice and universal protection of human rights as individual rights. The State encourages fraternity among its citizens by establishing solidarity, general welfare, and national unity.
  • The State acknowledges the right of the People to national autonomy and self-determination.
  • The State promotes:
  1. Public health care
  2. Education and schooling
  3. Schemes for social welfare
  4. Preservation and development of culture
  5. Preservation and maintenance of historical objects
  6. Environmental protection intergenerational equity, and the protection of nature for its intrinsic value including the protection of nature's right
  7. Natural and social sciences.


The economy of the Principality of Hashima is managed by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.


The Ministry of Finance is also in charge of emission of the national currency,The "Lirint Of Hashima".

Millitary and Security (National Corps)

Army of Hashima

The Army of Hashima is the land warfare branch of the Armed Forces of Hashima, the national military of the Principality of Hashima. The Army of Hashima, as well as all the Armed Forces of Hashima, has been founded on 28 September 2014, since the independence of the Principality of Hashima.

Navy of Hashima

The Navy of Hashima is the main naval force of the Principality of Hashima,established on the day of it's independence.The Navy of Hashima is overseen and funded by the Minister of Defence of Hashima,with the war council being convened for its overall command during wartime.

Air Force of Hashima

The Air Force of Hashima is the aerial force of Hashima.The Air Force of Hashima can enlist local citizens to help in a conflict.

Police of Hashima

It is the National civilan Police Force in Hashima.All of the Police Officers,Chiefs,Seargents are responsible for public saftey,maintaining order and justice,and arresting people doing criminal activities.

Fire and Emergency Service of Hashima

The Fire and Emergency Service of Hashima is the authority that provides safety to citizens,animals and properties of Hashima.It also ensures public safety in terrorist emergencies such as chemical, bacteriological, radiological and nuclear attacks.

Customs and Border Protection of Hashima

The Customs and Border Protection of Hashima,is the authority responsible for controlling,the entrance of people and goods such as pets,personal transports and hazardous items into the Principality of Hashima.It is also responsible for the flow of illegal items,such as drugs and illegal weapons into Hashima.



The National passport issued by the Principality of Hashima.

In the Principality of Hashima, the citizenship is assigned to people by the Citizenship Department in the various foreign embassies of the Principality of Hashima.It provides citizens of a passport (in "png" image file), that citizens can print and use as personal document,only inside the national territory and the foreign embassies.

According to the Constitution of the Principality of Hashima, the citizenship is granted to:

  1. A son/daughter of a father/mother with citizenship of the Principality of Hashima, who was born inside the national territory;
  2. A son/daughter of a father/mother with citizenship of the Principality of Hashima, who was born outside the national territory;
  3. Everyone that has received it by an Act of Parliament or a Royal Decree;
  4. Everyone that has applied for the citizenship from the official website, and has received a positive answer.

Administrative divisions

Due to the small surface of the Principality of Hashima,it is divided to a single division,and that is the City of Hashima.

Name Flag Short name Area Claimed Citizens (Registerd) Citizens (De Facto)
City of Hashima
Hashima 0,63 137 0