Principality of Irewales

Domus de Animus-House of Intellect
23*55'26"S 130*44'03"W and 1856 Oriole Dr., Elk Grove Village, IL, United States of America
Capital city Domus
Largest city Domus
Official language(s) English, Demaralsh
Official religion(s) Christianity (Walshism)
Demonym Irewaly, Irewelsh
Government Absolute monarchy/autocracy with highly influential advisors
- King (or if not in a marital/pre-marital relationship: High Prince) Thomas Walsh
- High Crown Prince, Former Heir Thomas Demaret
- Crown Prince, Lesser Heir Michael Walsh
Established A little after two in the afternoon, April 10th, 2014 A.D.
Area claimed ~20km² claimed
Currency No official currency in circulation, use of barter and precious metal/stone
National animal Black Footed Ferret, Irish Wolfhound
Patron saint St. Francis of Assisi
Internet Domain .ex (proposed)

The P.I., officially the Principality of Irewales, is a self-proclaimed micronation that was founded April, 201‎4 by Thomas K. Walsh.


The term Irewales comes from the mixing of Ireland and Wales, both being places of origin for Thomas, who was very interested and invested with his heritage.


The P.I. was created when Thomas, then 14, had had the idea to create the nation during his "Critical Thinking and Analyzing" class in high school. He had long held the notion to try his hand at being a dictator of sorts, though without the negative connotation. He thought that he could create a great, happy nation, himself in total control, and having power passed only to those he was sure he could trust with his nation. He soon was on the lookout for land for his nation, and claimed his parents house and property, and Oeno Atoll for the P.I.

Government & Politics

The government is a form of autocratic absolute monarchy, with specific guidelines for accession to and vacating of the throne, and a set of laws that citizens are expected to obey.

Law & Order

Info coming soon!

Foreign Relations

The P.I. is a friendly nation, though should it see another nation as cruel, unjust, or a threat to it's peoples, the P.I. will not hesitate to take action, diplomatic or aggressive. Currently, the P.I. Is looking for militarian and/or economical alliances in the Chicago area (within 60 miles of Elk Grove Village).


As the P.I. is still small, all members are expected to help defend the P.I. and what it stands for, should the monarch call for their aid (this includes royalty (including the monarch)). The P.I. is equipped with bows, handmade/manufactured sharp/blunt melee weapons, basic incendiaries and bombs, metal/sparring armor, airsoft guns, and more that will not be disclosed at this time for multiple reasons.

Geography & Climate

The climate of North American portion of the P.I. ranges throughout the year; in the summer (June through mid September) temperatures are usually 85-100 degrees Fahrenheit, in the Fall (mid September through mid/late November) usually 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit, in the winter (mid/late November through late February) usually -5-35 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the spring (late February through May) between 45-80; the record high since 1928 is 109 degrees Fahrenheit, and the record low since 1971 is -27 degrees Fahrenheit. The estimated average total snowfall since 2005 is about three feet, snowing on average about 28.5 days a year. Precipitation ranges throughout the rest of the year, raining heavily in the Spring months, and occasionally in Fall, annually averaging just under 40 inches. Throughout the year (at ground level, without any storms) winds between 1-5 mph are gusting about half the time, the other half being no wind, but in a storm winds can get very high, and super-cells/funnel clouds appear about once every two years. Strong (precipitation) storms appear most often in the mid-Spring to early Summer months.

In the P.I.'s other territory, Oeno, e climate is much different.


The P.I. does not officially import any materials, products, or services, though it does export several services and products, and hopes to soon either export raw materials, or use those materials to boost the export of products, also. There is no official currency circulated by the P.I., but the use of barter, often utilizing gold and especially silver, is common-place.




The P.I. currently has no officially endorsed internal media.

External Links


The Pyrus-The document created alongside the P.I., chronicling the creation, laws, and other information about the P.I.

The memories of Thomas Walsh