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Lakefield Gardens is a micronation with a population of eighteen people. The population is mainly white, but most practice east asian practices such as meditation and yoga. The gardens are meant for these kinds of practices.

The motto of Lakefield Gardens is "Peace between east and west" meaning people from both eastern countries and western countries may practice each others' practices.

The main religion of Lakefield Gardens is Blue Toadism. Blue Toadists worship the Blue Toad from Super Mario. The philosophy of Blue Toadism is to worship something greater than yourself. Worshipping a greater entity will enlighten you through modesty. In Blue Toadism, arrogance is considered a sin.

"It is our duty as mortal men to worship an entity which we believe to be greater than ourselves."

-Teacher Styleman, political leader of Lakefield Gardens

Lakefield Gardens claims 0.01 square kilometres on a peninsula on a canal in Canada. Lakefield Gardens has a bike called Toad's Track. Toad's Track becomes the bike trail of the canal on the east and west side. Lakefield Gardens only claims a 225 metre area of the bike trail. The principality contains some picnic benches and a meditation garden.

The capital of Lakefield Gardens is Lakefield. It is composed of a few picnic benches in which the citizens live during the summer, spring, and fall. Lakefield Gardens is uninhabited during the winter due to extremely cold climate and lack of heating in the principality. The leader is Styleman I, with the title of Teacher.

The official languages of Lakefield Gardens are English, French, and Korean. A citizen of Lakefield Gardens is called a Lakefield Gardenian. The ethnic groups are 30% English Canadian, 30% French Canadian, and 40% Asian. The principality uses the Canadian Dollar as its currency.