امیرنشین اورمزد (Fa)

Principality of Ourmozd(En)

AmIr nEshIn E UrmOzD(Schalamzaarian)

زنده باد اورمزد

Long Live Ourmozd

zEndE bAd UrmOzd

Official Map
Capital city Napoleon Grad
Largest city Southern Filadelfia
Official language(s) Farsi , Schalamzaarian
Official religion(s) Islam (Shi'a and Sunni)
Short name Ourmozd
Demonym Ourmozdian
Government Empire
- Emperor Emperor Muhammad
Time zone +3:30
National sport Football
National dish Fish Kebab
National animal Jabeer Gazelle

Name Edit

Ourmozd, is the main name of one of southern Iranian states, Hormozgan. Hormozgan includes Bandar-Abbas, Bandar-Lengeh, Qeshm, etc. But Principality of Ourmozd is a Schalamzaarian protectorate that colonized by Military ministry .

Culture, Religion and Language Edit

Like other Schalamzaarian people, Ourmozdians are Muslim. But Ourmozdian people are Shi'a and Sunni.

Ourmozd Sea Edit

Like Al-Schalamzaaria Gulf, Ourmozd sea is Ourmozdian sector of Persian Gulf.

Industry Edit

Ourmozd has a lot of oil shields, and S.O.P.D.C has started working in Ourmozd.

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