Principality of Regerin
Flag of RegerinCoatnew

"Aurea et augusta"
Regerin Canyon symphony
Capital city Port Cux
Largest city Jergenburg
Official language(s) Spanish, Regerinian, Bablian
Official religion(s) Roman catholic
Demonym Regerinian
Government Constitutional Federal Monarchy
- Prime Minister Alexander Rogster
- Prince Michael I
Legislature Regerinian National Parliament
Established 2011
Area claimed 1.5 km² (colonies not included)
Population 188 (with rights)
Currency Regerinian Negrillo (₦)
Time zone UTC+1
National drink Must
Internet Domain .rg

Regerin is a small country made up by fluvial islands and riversides along Regerin and Jergen rivers, tributaries of river Douro. All of the country is surrounded by Spain.


The word Regerin, which gives name to the country in germanic languages such as English and German, comes from river Regerin, where it is located. Regerin means in Ancient Visigoth "a group of tiny rivers". This can refer to the many small tributaries of the river. In latin languages, such as French and Spanish, it is called "the Islands of the Witches" or "the Whitch Islands". This refers to the Witch Bridge, not far of the islands.


The country is formed by these territories:

-New Oland: It is the biggest and main island of the Regerinian archipelago.

-Hansland: East of New Oland. It was created when it was separated from New Oland by Regerin channel.

-Farland: It is an almost uninhabited island east of Hansland.

-Malarn: It is a peninsula north of Farland and it is the principal link to the continent. A lot of trade is done here.

-Juten: A cape west of New Oland, there is an important mining industry here.

-Elmland: This island is located far down the river. It is characterised by an enormus tree that miraculously grows in the middle. The island is located at the bottom of Regerin canyon, but the top of the tree is seen from far away.

-Alandsbor: A tiny island sothwest of New Oland and east of cape Juten. It is mostly occupied by a military base.

-Barrilon: A large area north of Jergerhaven characterised by its large mines and forested areas.

-Damland: It is located some kilometers northwest of the archipelago. It is a rocky mountainous area that contains high peaks such as Mt. Horseshoe.

These territories are part of the autonomous region of Jergenburg:

-Jergenburg: It is formed by the city of Jergenburg and the area around.

-Pelagienburg: The ancient Commonwealth of Pelagienburg. Some years ago, it was flooded and almost destroyed.

-Moulin: An island between Pelagienburg and Jergerhaven. It was never claimed but it is located in Regerinian claimed territorial waters. It was destroyed by fire before Regerin foundation.

-Jergerhaven: It is a commercial colony located exactly where Regerin and Jergen rivers join.


The Principality was founded by Michael I, who proclaimed himself prince. Initially, it only occupied New Oland island. The increase of flow of river Regerin threatened to sink the island, so a large channel was created to avoid it, dividing New Oland. The smallest part was later called Hansland. Later, Farland, Elmland and Malarn peninsula were annexed.

But Michael I wanted to create a large fluvial empire. He annexed Alandsborg and conquered cape Juten and other lands around the islands. But the lords around the country didn´t allow it and they attacked Regerin. The Regerinians were defeated at the Battle of Ottenburg and they lost most of the territory conquered.

Later, Alexander I of Jergenburg died, and Michael I inherited Jergenburg and its colonies: Pelagienburg and Jergerhaven. In this time, Regerinian people explored Barrilon, a wild area north of Jergerhaven, and found gold and other resources.

But the other lords of the area also wanted the rich region of Barrilon. After many negotiations. The Barrilonian Commonwealth was created, it was controled and protected by all the lords. Jergenburgese people angered with Regerin. They rebeled and proclaimed the creation of the Free City of Jergenburg. The goverment decided to give them some autonomy to put down the rebelion.

The Goverment conquered the entire of Barrilon again. In the eastern end of Barrilon, Kaserne (as it was called in Regerin) was located. It was a mysterious country controlled by an unknown dictator. There was a lot of tension and Regerin invaded North Kaserne, which was annexed to Barrilon.

Regerin has founded some colonies. Part of Franz Joseph land, which seems to have been abandoned by Rusia, was claimed by Regerin to form the Regerinian Artic Territory. However, it was invaded by Russia in the summer of 2013 due to and incident between this country and Greenpeace. Regerin has also claims in Antartica (AMU regions 74, 75 and 76). Regerin has claims on a list of phantom or mythological islands in the case they really exist. The latest founded colony is the island of Saint Elisabeth, located not far of Gibraltar Rock.

Actually, Regerin has territorial conflicts with the Principality of Juten (which claims the district of Juten) and the Templar Principalitiy of Kaserne (which claims the district of Grabenland). Since the last war with Kaserne, this principality remains occupied by the Regerinian Terrestial Force while peace agreements are made.

Geography and climate

Regerin has a mountainous geography, especially in the Barrilon region. Regerinian posessions are scattered around Jergen and Regerin valleys. Regerin has a continental climate, with hot summers and cold winters. This climate is very dry, rarely rains in Regerin.


The Prince is the Head of State and commands the Armed Forces. The territory is divided in districts. Most of these districts are also divided in departments. All of the districts have the right to send a number of representatives, depending on their population, to the Regerinian National Parliament. These representatives are elected by all the citizens in elections. The Regerinian National Parliament elects the Prime Minister and presents and aproves the laws.

Administrative divisions

The Principality of Regerin is divided in 6 counties, 2 independent districts and 4 Crown dependencies.

The counties:

Flag Code County Capital city Number of Representatives
Barrilon flag BR Barrilon Hundburg 6
Grabenland flag GB Grabenland Grossturm 6
Jergen flag JG Jergen Jergenburg 8
800px-Flag of Norway.svg KS Kaserne TBD 5
Pallern flag PL Pallern Weissburg 7
Pelagien flag PG Pelagien Cruistadt 7

The independent districts:

Flag Code District Capital city Number of representatives
Sorciere flag SC Sorciere Port Cux 5
Walduss flag WD Walduss Kleimine 2

The Crown dependencies:

Flag Code Crown dependency Capital city Number of Representatives
Black Island flag NE Black and Emporion Islands Vilanegra 1
New Malarn-flag MD McDonald Islands Neurock 1
Flag of Saint Elisabeth SE Saint Elisabeth Craigstadt 1
Terzen flag TZ Terzen Koudenhornbucht 1

Foreing relations

Regerin is a member of:

-EUM UME European Union of Micronations

-Organization Micronational Alliance Association

-Union iberica Iberian Union

Regerin has diplomatic relations with:

-Doberman Foster Island

-LeylandiistanFlag Leylandiistan

-Schalamzaar-new-flag Schalamzaar

-Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic Viadalvia


The most important economic activity of Regerin is commerce. It is located in one of the most important trading regions in the Iberian peninsula and a lot of merchant ships travel through Jergen and Regerin rivers. Regerin has many great harbours, such as Jergenburg, Jergerhaven and Port Cux.

Another important economic activities are fishing and mining. There are large mines around the country, especially in Barrilon, Damland and Juten.

The national currency is the Negrillo (₦), regulated by the Regerinian National Bank.



It is the main public transport in the country. The main harbours are:

1.Port Cux/Visburg






There are some commercial airports in the country:

1.Port Cux International Airport

2.Jergenburg International Airport

3.Laten Airport

4.Malarn Bay Airport

5.Pelagienburg City Airport

6.Regerin Dam Airport

There are some other airports under construction.


The only interdistrict railway is the Regerinian Archipelago Railway, which covers the route from Ottenburg (New Oland) to Harting (Malarn)


The Armed Forces of Regerin are divided into:

-The Principal Naval Force (PNF): It is one of the greatest fluvial navies as it was formed with the union of ancient Regerinian, Jergenburgese and Pelagienburgese navies.

-The Principal Air Force (PAF): It is enterely formed by high-quality planes from the Regerinian company MDG. However, it is criticized that it should have more hydroplanes, as the country has lots of water and few airstrips. 

-The Principal Terrestial Force (PTF): However it is not too numerous, it has much importance in the country´s security. It is very antiquated, most of its tanks are Panzerkampfwagen IV from World War II.

-The Principal National Guard (PNG): It is in charge of security inside the country, especialy in areas not controled by local polices.

Regerinian language

The Principality has his own language, which was created because the country needs on only official language, instead of four. This language was created in 2011 and it is based in many European languages.