Principality of Valia
Valia Flag

Bana di ficior
Valia Map2
Official language(s) Aromanian,Romanian
Official religion(s) Christian Orthodox
Demonym Valian (ro.: valez)
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Prime Minister Marco Zguri
- Ruler Kara Dynasty
Legislature 26th August 2013 - Present
Established 19th of August 2013
Population 2384 (as of 01.09.2015)
Currency Euro, Romanian Leu
Time zone C.E.T.+1 (UTC+2)

The Principality of Valia is an Aromanian heritage micronation founded on the 19th of August 2013, having as neighbor the Republic of Romania.


First officially declared and independent Aromanian state, the establishment of this micronation started in 2002, independence being fully declared on the 19th of August 2013. Important milestone in the forming of the current state was the presence of acting Princeps Kostas I at the aromanian convention on the 15th of August 2010 from Moskopole, Albania.

The founders are part of an esteemed aromanian family from the Balkan Peninsula with implications in many local hystorical events, amongst which the independence of Albania.


The Principality's name derives from the geographical area where it is situated, a valley across a river.


Residency of rules is at Valian Royal Palace.

Petros Kara (2002-2003) Born in 1925, emigrated from the Balkans (Albania, Bulgaria) to Romania between the two World Wars, one of the co-founders of the principality.

Leonidas Kara (2003-present) Born in 1958 in Romania, convinced anti-communist, co-founder of the principality and current Ruler.

Christian Kara (successor) Born in 1987, next in line for the Principality's throne. Very involved in the internal and external state matters, well seen by citizens despite conservative-nationalist views, in opposition with the liberal views of the current Prime-Minister Marco Zguri.

Supporter of "aromanians are part of the romanian heritage" ideology, disregards aromanian organizations which imply that aromanians are actually a minority, separate from the romanian population.

Present at the aromanian convention on the 15th of August 2010 from Moskopole, Albania where endorsed the independence of Valia as a state for Aromanians.


The governing body of the principality is the Valian Government. Current mandate is assigned to the Valian Liberal Party by the Princeps and is in place as of  the 26th of August 2013.

Prime Minister Marco Zguri
Ministry of Internal Affairs Tase Bejdavela

Ministry of Defence

General Iannis Toma
Ministry of Finance Ianuli Zguri
Ministry of External Affairs Dimitris Vrizas
Ministry of Justice Spiru Dusa


Main source of legislation is the Constitution, revized and modified only by the Valian Government.

  • Due to its relatively small surface and the extremely rigurous entrace regulations the criminality rate within the Principality's boarders is close to 0%, therefore there are no prisons, the highest penalty currently  being extrusion
  • communism is banned (communist activists within borders will be expelled with military escort; foreign communist/ proven ex-comunist activists are forbidden from entering)
  • Freedom of cult is garanteed through Constitution
  • Education and healthcare are free of charges to all citizens

Internal affairs and politicsEdit

The supreme ruler of Valia bears the title of Princeps. Internally the princpipality is structured into 1 Route and 3 districts (each led by Governors). Negociations are currently in progress to have two neighbouring districts annexed.

Internal policies:

  • The Valian Government holds executive, legislative and judicial attributes
  • Valian Liberal Party - first and only political party founded and led by the current Prime-Minister Marco Zguri on the 27th of August 2013

External affairs and diplomacyEdit

Principality boarders are closed, access is granted only by Valian Government - Internal Affais Ministry or by explicit invitation from a citizenAromanian ethnics have priority in obtaining citizenship/ residency.

Foreing entities: "Macedo-Romanian" Cultural Society (founded in 1879) is the official diplomatic entity, based in Bucharest, Romania.

External policies:

  • support aromanians (especially within in the Balkan Peninsula)

Diplomatic relations:


Self-financed state. Electricity and petrol imported from Romania. Public water service self-sustained.

GDP: $ 800 million (2915)

Main industries: tourism, craftsmanship export

Military and law enforcementEdit

Valian Armed Forces (V.A.F.) acts as state military and internal law enforcement.

Total units: 349

Superior Officers Warrent Officers
Second Lieutenant Soldier
Lieutenant Corporal
Captain Seargent
Lieutenant Colonel Seargent Major

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