Vorderburg, offically the Principal

ity of Vorderburg ​is a unrecognized sovieregn entity, often regarded as a micronation or new country project. It is run by Jacob Blumel and is run solely from his house in Minnesota.

It consists of his home, known as the Principalitial Palace​, about 1 acres as well as 3 acres of surrounding property. It is fully enclaved by Minnesota and the United States. The state is run completely by the Prince but in some occasions where rather territories in respect of which a princely title is held. The prince's estate and wealth may be located mainly or wholly outside the geographical confines of the principality.

​Territorial Attributes

Vorderburg's territory, although very small, exhibits an interesting assortment of flora and fauna within its claim. Taking up 1/3 of Vorderburgs territory is a small wooded area primarily inhabited with oak and birch trees. Certain animals have been found within the wooded region, including chickens, presumably from a local farm, coyotes, and many species of

The wooded area in mid-2015.

birds. The wooded area also hides a pond in its midst, covering a small portion of the wooded area.

The region also has a very large lowlands, seperated by a chainlink fence that runs across the micronation. Past the chainlink to the south is a primarily tall grass and ferns, to the north is urban development and the capital building. The lowlands also consist of a basketball court and tennis court


Vorderburg (Vor-derr-berg) ​is a city in lower Austria, bordering Italy. The founder originated from the city, the name is a nod to the town.


Blumel founded Vorderburg in late 2012 after moving to a new residence in northern Minnesota. He started Vorderburg originally under the name of ​The Viennatine Archduchy​, a nod towards the capital of his home country, Vienna, but later changed it due to the name not being catchy enough.

Fort Vorderburg (2013-2015)

Fort Vorderburg was a wooden fort built on Ostellaz hill in Vorderburg, consisting of 3 rooms and a main wall, as well as a makeshift tower its the largest building built by the Principality at around 30x50 feet (18,000 square inches). It was constructed primarily of wood, with some metal braces on the tower. The fort was entirely hidden by the treeline and provided an overview of the surrounding Vorderburg territory, hence the strategical power of the region. During the Siege of Vorderburg, the fort was destroyed and its inhabitants were forced out.

First Tribunal of the Vorderburg

Following the destruction of Fort Vorderburg, the Vorderberger tribunal was created as a council to help delegate the many roles certain individuals were tasked with in order to achieve progress in the micronation. The tribunal also acted as a court of Vorderburg, although one of the titles of the Prince was ​Judge, Jury, and Executioneer. '​​The tribunal heard Vorderburg court on captured individuals from June 28th to July 30th, when it was disbanded by the Prince. It would eventually replaced by the Imperial Council, until its disbandment too in early 2016. Both would be replaced by the Cabinet of Ministers.


Vorderburg is a principality, therefore rulled by a prince. The style of the principality is an amalgamated feudal monarchy and constitutional monarchy due to a royal elective court reelected every two consecutive months. According to the prince, there are no limits on terms and never will be for these officials. Vorderburg works around and with an Uncodified constitution, An uncodified System is a type of constitution where the fundamental rules often take the form of customs, usage, precedent and a variety of statutes and legal instruments. An understanding of the constitution is obtained through reading commentary by the judiciary, government committees or legal experts.

The royal court is, en masse, a cabinet of ministers with the responsibiltiy to carry out certain duties based on their assignment within Vorderburg. Certain positions include Minister of Economics, Micronational Affairs, Enviormental Protection and Justice.


Vorderburg uses the Prinzmarke, a variant of the Reichsmarke coin. They come in denominations of 10's, 20's, 30's, 50's, and 100's. They are worth about twice US currency, according to the Minister of Economics. Vorderburg currently hasn't issued the Prinzmarke offically, due to the small amount of them minted at the moment. The Prinzmarke could come out as soon as April, 2017.


Vorderburg's culture resembles that of Austria's, with traditional Austria outfits, German speaking, and exotic foods served at state dinners. Oktoberfeste is celebrated across Vorderburg as a national holiday, were beer is drank, saurkraut is eaten, and many traditional games, such as futball are played during the time. Many other celebrations and observances occur in Vorderburg, including:

  • Establishment Day - July 12th
  • Founder's Day - July 21st
  • Prince's Corronation Day - July 22nd
  • Christmas - December 25th
  • Napoleon Day - April 15th
  • Victory Day - May 15th


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