The Principality of Zatoka (Принципалиты вон Затока) was founded in the late winter of 2012 by three tribal brothers known as Zorro, Irish, and Tyler. The principality was formerly known as the Zatoka Republic. But the territory has now been annexed into the Zachodnoslavijan Empire.



Zatoka means "bay". The name was chosen because the principality was found on plains that bordered the bay. The principalities former name before the annexation was the "Republic of Zachodnoslavija".


In the early months of 2012, a tribe of brothers built villages throughout the land of an american city. Many of the villages were destroyed by Americans. To strengthen their tribe, the warlord brought his closest members of the tribe together to form the Republic of Zatoka, which is the land that comprises all of the villages in the principality.

In January, 2014, The emperor annexed the former republic into the newly formed Zachodnoslavijan Empire.

Government & Politics

The principality follows orders directly from the Prince. The current prince of Zatoka is Irish Lomaszko di Zatoka.

Geography & Climate

The Zatoka republic roughly covers around 2 miles of land. The weather varies from hot to cold temperatures.

Zatoka Principality Map


By heritage, the Zatokans are Slavic.

Rules of the Principality of Zatoka

This  document is to provide the rules and rights of the Republic of Zachodnoslavija.

Amendment 1: The Emperor overpowers all amendments.

Amendment 2: Any citizen of the principality may own private property.

Amendment 3: Any citizen of the principality has the right to work.

Amendment 4: Any citizen of the principality can serve in the military.

Amendment 5: Any citizen of the principality can vote.

Amendment 6: Any citizen of the principality has the freedom of religion.

Amendment 7: Any citizen of the principality shall not be discriminated based on race, religion, or ethnicity.

National Holidays

There are multiple holidays within the principality. The following is a list of a few of them:

  • Thorsday - Every Thursday
  • Ski Day - January 7th
  • Holydays - Week of Christmas

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