Principate Of Vilagrande
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Virtus Et Gloria
Centre of Italy
Capital city Vilagrande
Official language(s) Vilagrandičš-Italian-Spanish
Official religion(s) Reiruak
Legislature Constitutional monarchy
Established 2 July of 2010
Population 12
Time zone GTM+1
National sport Badminton-Roshambo(Rock-paper-scissors)

The Principality Of Vilagrande is a micronation founded in July 2, 2010, located in the center of Italy.

The micronation was established as an empire in its first two years of activity in which a known, especially in the second in which there has been a tremendous growth demografice and cultural heritage, the first evidence of language and national religion dates back to the second half of 2012.

The Constitution was written by the emperor in April 20, 2012 and entered into force in April 24 of the same year, the first prototypes of the national flag were released in early 2011 but only in the May 10, 2012 they arrived to the actual flag.


How constitution says there are four powers that govern the micronation

1) Emperor

2) Prime Minister 3) Parliament 4) Population

The emperor have to supervise and intervene in case of breakdown or internal struggles, always participates in the deliberations of parliament and can take any vacancy within the nation.

The Prime Minister is the head of the parliament is elected every four months from popolo.Ha to supervise the functions of parliament and decide which proposals put to the vote and which are not.

The parliament is formed by all the ministers and more 20 parliamentarians.The ministers are elected by the first two positions in the state (the Emperor and the Prime Minister) and members of parliament are selected and voted on by the people in the houses of unions, each minister may establish a party or movement in which people can see.

The population is the 4th power of the state but not the last year and in fact they can freedom to express or ask audience target to the Emperor or Prime Minister, the vote and their demonstration of their presence for this reason, the minimum age for rate in the country is only 16 years old.

Royal titles, Noble titles, and Chivarlric titles

Royal titles, Noble titles, and Chivarlric titles relase by Principate Of Vilagrande

  • Emperor/Empress
  • Duke/Duchess
  • Prince/Princess
  • Count/Countess
  • Viscount/Viscountess
  • Baron/Baroness
  • Lord/Lady
  • Baronet/Baronetess
  • Knight/Dame

Diplomatic Relations


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